Discussing the Fairy Tale story:

I haven't done much with TLP (Three little pigs/the loyal protectors/Jonah,Harrison, and Vincent).

Jonah's father was initially head of the guard. Five years ago (lel, everything goes to heck five years ago) he was wiped out by the plague, as was most of the senior soldiers. Having already received rigorous training from a young age, Jonah stepped up as head guard, and his mission to protect prince Darren.

But of course, as Darren started exploring the world and leaving the house a lot, he insisted he didn't need a guard. He's pretty good at combat himself, and so Jonah became prince Ray's guard instead.

On Harrison and Vincent, they were simply Jonah's closest friends, who also received much training in their childhood, and so were appointed as guards for prince Cody and Glenn.