I thought I'd finally write up stuff from Fantasy2.

In the beginning, there were nine clans: Four light clans (Wizards, Seers, Enchantresses, Potioners) four dark clans (Sorcerers, Summoners, Lurkers, Magicians) and the elusive Necromancers which claimed to be neutral. After having found to be siding with the dark side, creating an imbalance in the natural powers, the Enchantresses waged war on the Necromancers. A long, bloody, magic-based war was fought, and in the end, both clans were ruined. From them, the Spellbinder clan was born, and remained a light clan to maintain magical equilibrium.

A Spellbinder dabbles in the arts of both the Necromancers and Enchantresses. However, most young male Spellbinders exceed at necromancy, while female Spellbinders adapt better to Enchanting. This may be from the fact that the Necromancers were strictly male, and that the Enchantresses were strictly female, of course, before the downfall of each clan.

me @ me: talk about Summoners and their history tomorrow!