So while listening to "Mr. Hello" and "Aoi Hanabira" on the way to school, I've thought more about P.I.P. (Personified Instruments Project).

Winds - Band. They play "Mr. Hello" and for their presentation make a video. Piccolo is the director, and she goes around filming all the different characters playing their respective instruments (or in Flute's case, singing). She does so by being pushed around on one of those chairs with rollers by trombone, across the music school to the rooms where her section members are practicing. I imagine a shot of flute singing into the mirror of a small bathroom, where she lifts a hairbrush and pretends it's a microphone, and laughs and sings as piccolo films. Saxophone works with percussion to master the rhythms in the drum kit; Clarinet keeps his head lowered and eyes closed as he tries to memorize piano chords; Bassoon smiles shyly and she learns bass, with one scene where she covers her mouth, embarrassed, as she plays an incorrect chord. Oboe plays the guitar coolly.

The video: opens with flute singing into the mirror. She picks up hairbrush and turns to camera, and then the image shrinks into one of six, four of which are the other playing their instruments (the stuff piccolo shot) and the screen in the bottom right corner is footage of Piccolo and Trombone as they run all over the school, selfie style.