New category, I guess. So I've been listening to Owl City again, maybe I'm sick of all the electro now? But basically his songs bring me back to the Fairytale universe I created off of Supers back in the ninth or tenth grade (10?) and mostly worked on in the eleventh grade.

Just fixing up the backstories of minor characters:
Brun; Escaped from the orphanage at age 13 with the help of Laith. The pair used some chemicals from the schoolmaster's labs to blow a hole in the gates, one large enough for young children to slip through. Brun's been doing what she has to in order to survive, theft, breaking in/entering, assault, fraud, etc. No wonder she's #1 on the wanted list after five years!

Laith, on the other hand blended well into the lower class families. He worked for some wealthy farmers, which gave him enough time to explore the village to have fun! He's know for deception/manipulation, and not-so illegal (yet still annoying) things like catcalling the young females of the universe and such. Eventually, the farmers he worked for grew so tired of his antics that they simple threw him out! And so again, he had to resort to his skills of speed and charm to survive. He often swings by Brun and Red's shed in the woods, just to piss them off.

I think I'm done for now, off to fix that exit letter. Or write it, rather.