The prices of laser rangefinders vary a lot, from 50 € to 500 € approximately. These are optical instruments, and as with cameras, the price will depend greatly on the quality of certain components, the aiming accuracy, range, and other smaller parameters such as footprint , Weight, etc.

Low-end rangefinders - 20 € to 100 €

From 20 to 100 €, we find the entry range rangefinders, mostly for golf use. These rangefinders will give you an idea of ​​the usefulness of a rangefinder without ruining you. There are, for example, Longridge, Barska Blueline, Colin Montgomerie. Do not expect miracles though! The measurement may prove imprecise at several meters, difficult to use. People who buy this kind of rangefinder usually buy a better one in the weeks that follow, because one is always conquered by this kind of device! My advice, if you can afford it, is to move immediately to the next level.

Rangefinders range - 100 € to 300 €

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The average range is for laser range finders with a price between 100 and 300 €. For this price, you get something very accurate, accurate to 1 m most often. The range is between 15 and 1000 m approximately. These are rangefinders made to last that will not let you down and that will improve your index quickly by allowing you to choose your clubs the best.

High-end Laser Meters - 300 € and more

Here we go to very heavy. If you have the means, these rangefinders are really worth it and are small jewelry of technology. What more do they have? In addition to being perfectly reliable (very good precision), having a wide range, a very good maneuverability, a minimum footprint, these rangefinders have embedded equipment that allows them to offer even more technological help: for example , Data on the fall of your ball like the Bushnell Yardage Pro Scout ARC 1000. They are also more resistant and last longer, better sealed and better designed overall. Definitely the choice to make if you can, you will not regret it and your rangefinder will last for years!

Cost laser rangefinder

The price of your laser rangefinder is certainly factor that will influence your choice, but be careful not to buy too low quality. You might not use your rangefinder or resell it after a month, so what's the point? Fortunately, even in medium ranges there is still choice and you should be able to find the rangefinder that best suits your golf practice.