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This post is reserved basically for different roleplay characters that I use. THE PURPOSE FOR THIS IS SO I DON'T FORGET THEM . Thank you

-Gaia Name: L u s t `
-Name: Amaya [ Night Rain ], Yamanashi
-Age: 17
-Personality: A big child at heart. Very Devoted and loyal to those she chooses to follow. Won't back down from a challenge no matter if its stupid or not. Even through her childish antics, Ayama can be a cold-hearted b***h when she faces enemies. Her extremely sadistic nature was passed down from her mothers side of the family. Her radiant beauty is a key she uses to lure weak minded/perverted men into her will.
-Weapon(s): Kunai. Shuriken. Dagger and Two Small Sized Fans that when opened transform into two very big sharp edged fans, filled with little treats.
[ Not the candy kind either wink ]
-Rank: AnBu
-Family: Has an older sister Shensai, who is 19 years of age and is also part of AnBu along side Amaya.
-Looks: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
[ In Red ]
-Village: Sunagakure
Ever since Amaya was born, she was looked down apon by both her parents. Her star older sister always had the spot light when it came to their parents. This drove Amaya wild with jealously towards her older kin as she worked extremely hard through the years to get her parents recognition. Little did young Amaya know, that this was very pointless. She didn't need the words of her parents saying that she was a awesome kunoichi, she had to learn that for herself.
Being the little runt of the town, Amaya was first thought to be weak willed and a waste of time. Her little moment of victory came when she had just turned 6. Dressed in a all red kimono, Amaya attended school everyday like a normal little kunoichi in training did. But on this windy day in the Sunagakure, the so-called toughest acting boy in her class, decided to pick on Amaya. His first mistake was calling her a little runt. His second mistake was tripping her, causing her to fall flat on her precious little face. As Anger erupted from within this little devil, that boy had no chance of escape. Within seconds, Amaya twisted herself quickly around his body, causing him great confusion. That boy left that school day with two broken arms, and a bloody nose. That day made Amaya very proud of herself, despite the beating she got at home for causing trouble in school.
While her older sister exceeded quite well scholastically and with training, Amaya was being held back by her parents. Growing angry and frustrated with the fact of being second rate to her sister, Amaya didn't return home for a month. Little did her parents know that she only showed up for classes and then would disappear again into the deserts, where she trained herself to death. She would do everything in her power to show them that she was worthy of being kunoichi. The school exam had been coming closer and closer and still no sign of Amaya in the village. On the day of the exam though, Amaya showed up looking very differently than when she first started. Her eyes for one were more trained and steady, showing great determination.
The 'final' examination was infront of all her peers and friends. Amaya blew them away as she decided to spice up the examination a little bit. While in the desert, Amaya had befriended a kind jounin who helped train Amaya for her examination. He also taught her something a little girl of her age shouldn't be able to perform. Amaya stood perfectly still, concentrating all of her chakra, then she started to begin the hand signs for a much weaker version of Sand Dragon Skill [Sabakuryuu no Jutsu]. Out of the depth of the sand surrounding the stage, a small baby sand dragon erupted from the ground spiraling into the air, while sending sharp razor blade shards of sand directly at the targets in the examination. The pure shock from her peers and family put a wicked grin on her small lips.
Many years later, through far more vigorous training and hard work, Amaya had perfected that skilled she had learned from that unknown jounin in the desert. That skill and many more powerful ones. Never will she forget what he told her that day,
"You are only as strong as your heart. Never let your heart give in, otherwise you will fall. Believe in your own personal gifts and you will beat any opponent."
That short saying stuck with her every step of the way, as she went through the ranks of Chuunin and Jounin. When she finally passed the AnBu exam, those exact words meant so much to her, for they were true. The smirk she had on her lips when she recieved rank of AnBu, and the look on her parents face, would never leave her memory as it was a great satisfaction. Satisfaction that she could do it, all by her self, through hard work. No longer was she a second rate Kunoichi to her sister, now Amaya was her own Kunoichi, on her own level.
1. Sand Clone Skill [Suna Bunshin no Jutsu] Creates clones out of the sand.
2. Sand Shield [Suna Hogo Sochi no Jutsu] The user slams his hands down on the ground, bringing up a large amount of sand around him into the air to block attacks. The user cannot stray further than five feet away from the shield, otherwise the sand will collapse.
3. Sand Whip Skill [Sunamuchi no Jutsu] The user plunges his hand into the sand, then draws out a length of whip made completely out of sand and chakra. It is around the thickness of a child’s arm.
4. Desert Warzone Skill [Sabaku Kousenchitai no Jutsu] After charging a fist with chakra, the user slams his knuckles into the sand, sending what looks like a shockwave of sand at his enemy. In reality, he is delaying the force of the punch and making it travel beneath the desert at his opponent where it then explodes.
5. Great Arm of Sand [Suna Futoiude] A huge arm forms from the sand, and tries to grab the enemy with its large clawed hand. This jutsu is usually used to grapple a victim, but it can also be used as a shield or powerful punch. The arm can be guided, and stretch easily beyond 50 feet in length.
6. Sand Instantaneous Body Skill [Suna Shunshin no Jutsu] A technique which allows the user to transport from one place to another in a veil of sand.
7. Sand Dragon Skill [Sabakuryuu no Jutsu] This jutsu creates a dragon from the swirling of the surrounding, which is quickly brought together and hardened by chakra. The dragon can shoot small blasts of sand from its mouth. The dragon has no wings and moves on all four legs.
8. Hungry Desert [Gakidou Sabaku] This jutsu starts by saturating all the sand in up to a 10’ cubic area with chakra. After that, the sand slowly begins swirling, pulling anything in the area or on the surface down gradually. It takes several seconds (3 posts) for someone to be completely submerged. Even once submerged, it’ll take a while longer for the victim to suffocate.
9. Sand Dragon Awakening [Sunaryuudan no] The surrounding sand hardens and rises into the form of a gigantic dragon over 8’ in height and length. The dragon really has a closer resemblance to a large lizard then an actual dragon. The dragon has incredible strength and is capable of emitting powerful blasts of sand from its mouth. The dragon’s most fearsome ability, however, is that while the dragon maintains its form, all the surrounding sand is kicked up and turned into a raging sandstorm that tears and rips the flesh of the surrounding opponents within the area.
10. Armor of Wind [Kaze no Yoroi] The user manipulates his chakra and the wind around him to create a whirlwind around his body. The wind forms a circle around the user ten feet in diameter, picking up debris and acting as armor for the user.
11. Wind Gloves Technique [Kaze Tebukuro no Jutsu] This jutsu causes surrounding wind to swirl around the user’s hands, creating gloves that can rip up opponents on contact. Anything that comes in contact with or goes through the ball of chakra will be cut up by the wind slashing around inside.
12. Healing Wave Technique [Chiyu Shuuha no Jutsu] While the healing hand technique is the choice of most medical ninja, sometimes the patient simply can't be gotten to in time to be healed. In those instances, this technique is used to heal them from afar.


-Gaia Name: L u s t `
-Character Name: Yoshizawa Rider , But just goes by Rider.
-Age: 19
-Personality: Carefree and very spirited even through the past she had endured. Intellectual and very devoted not only to herself but to the people that mean the most to her. Highly Stubborn, especially during battle and won't give in even if she has to break her body. When faced in a difficult situtation, Rider's actions are those that she believes are the best at the time.
-Appearance: Rider
-Rank: Had Passed The Jounin Exams, And Is Now A New Addition To Konoha's Jounin.
-Weapon/s: Chains,Shuriken, Kunai, Explosive Notes, Medical Needles.
Her fighting style involves ranged attacks using kunai linked to her by chains and makes use of her incredible agility and speed.
-History: Rider wasn't exactly the most socialable child during her childhood. Rather she liked to keep to herself and not associate herself with mindless kids games. Instead of living as a true child should with laughter and playing, Rider spent her childhood training. Up until the age of 10, Rider was taught by both her parents. Loosing both of them was a tramatic blow to Rider's already closed off heart, this only deepened her lonliness.
Not long after, Rider was adopted by woman she had never seen before. Rider soon found herself to become extremely attached to this woman by the name of Saraii. This woman shared with Rider all of her secrets and even to this day , has never told a single one. Rider was taught jutsu that hadn't belonged to Hidden Leaf but instead jutsu of the Hidden Rock Village. One of those secrets that Rider never told was that Saraii had escaped from her home village, rock , and disgarded her headband. She then somehow managed to insert herself into Konoha's society and has so for 9 years now.
After spending more time with Saraii, a shocking secret was shared that rocked Rider's belief and everything she knew. She was told that the parents she believed were her birth parents, were simply foster parents. Yumi had then showed her the birth certificate, that Rider was actually in fact, her own daughter that she had escaped for. Saraii had left Hidden Rock Village in order to find the daughter she was forced to give up.
This new declaration changed Rider's world forever. She really hadn't lost her true mother afterall. Though she stilled missed her 'foster' parents, Riders true mother was a much more happier gift. With Saraii in her life, Rider started to open up her heart and slowly but surely she became a happy fun loving child.
Now a Jounin of Konoha, Rider has dedicated her whole self into protecting the village with her life.
-Village: Hidden Leaf Village
-Jutsu/s: 1-Healing Hands Technique-(Chiyute no Jutsu)The shinobi gathers healing chakra into the palm of her/his hand to repair wounds.
2-Fukumi Hari -Hidden Needles-is able to call forth needles into her mouth and then spit them at her opponent with great accuracy. Saraii's second version of the hidden needle attack is that she covers the needle in rock.
3-Rising Impact Palm (Shou-Geki-Shou)A powerful attack which involves focusing a lot of power into a upper cutting attack using ones palm. This attack has enough power to even through the heaviest opponents in the air.
4-Shosen Jutsu (Mystical Palm Technique)- By concentrating chakra to the hand, the user is able to sever the opponent's muscle fibers at the point of contact.
5-Kekkei Genkai [ Blood-Line Limit ] -Stone Manipulation- By consentrating a great portion of her chakra into nearby stones, she can pull forth rocks to creative massive or small shapes. Mainly shapes of people she knew or maybe just random animals to distract and attack. Whatever Rider was directly thinking of at that moment transfers through her chakra and forms the rock. The advantage to this manever is that they aren't slowed down, they can run at rather quick speeds but aren't hard to find. Just because there quick doesn't mean they are invisible. Who couldn't possibly see a huge rock formation running around?
6-Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu (Water Doppelganger Technique)- Creates one or more identical copies of the user out of water. These clones are capable of attacking, except for the fact that each clone's strength is only one-tenth of the user.

-Gaia Name: L u s t `
-Character Name: Amuro Namie
-Age: 23
-Personality: Has heart of ice, and has no passion for anything. Sadistic and also Sarcastic in most situations, yet she still stays loyal to the Cloud Village. She obey's orders without question for nothing effects her. Has a short fuse and can get pissed off fairly easy. Is calm in every situation that is thrown at her, she acts this way to annoy her opponents.
-Appearance: Namie
-Village: Hidden Cloud Village
-Rank: ANBU
-Weapon/s: Specialized Fan, Medical Needles, Shock Notes [ Similar to explosive notes but these kind send a small shockwave of electricity to the surrounding area ], Extra Kunai and Shuriken.
-History: All of her life Namie spent her time following orders. She didn't question anything she was told, nor did she question the motive behind it. Sure, when she did something wrong her parents weren't the type to hold back. She was hit occassionally, yet it didn't effect her. In her mind, it seemed normal that a parent would do something like this. One night both of her parents didn't return home from a mission. She sat there on her porch, waiting for them to return. They were caring loving parents most of the time, and she did actually love them. One foggy night, she had heard loud noises and screamings coming from the village square. As curiosity overwhelmed her, Namie went to see what had happened.
Her brown eyes shook violently at the sight before her. A man drenched in blood stood there laughing as he held two heads in both hands. Those heads belonged to her parents. He continued to laugh as he told them this was a message. He wore a Leaf Village Headband on purpose to try and put villages against one another. Namie's once lively brown eyes turned vacant as she stared at him.
Not long after that event was it soon dismissed. They did nothing about it for they believed that Namie's parents were supposedly traitors to the village. That they were talking with enemy villages. Namie became a silent child from then on, as everything went back to normal. She was taken under the wing of a woman named Hitomi who happened to be apart of the ANBU unit when she was younger. Hitomi taught her everything she knew even though at the time Namie was only 14 years old. Hitomi saw in Namie what other people did not. She saw talent in the arts of assassination just by the look in Namie's eyes. Hitomi helped transform Namie into the person she was today. A cold hearted b***h, basically.
Namie doesn't exactly have a motive for her actions. She does what shes told, plus she had a taste for death and causing the pain that she felt. In the end, Namie was one of the many corrupted hearts that wished to corrupt others around her. Can anybody melt her heart of ice? Is that even possible to connect with her on that level?
-Jutsu/s:1-Static Trap Technique-this jutsu uses chakra to transform a few metal objects (most commonly kunai) into an electrical conductor through touch.
2-Lightning Screen-After performing a row of hand-seals, the user places his hands on the ground and in front of him a large and powerful field of lightning erupts from the ground and lasts for a few seconds before dissipating.
3-Electric Clones-Although the clones can?t exert any physical force, if an opponent comes into contact with it, it dissipates and heavily shocks the him or her.
4-Grasp of the Lightning God-The user gathers a tremendous amount of eletricity into their hands. The user then grabs the opponent with both hands and sets up a powerful current of eletricity through the opponent's body.
5-Magnetic Beacon Technique-The user sends electrical waves to a metal object, causing it to turn into an electrical magnet. It?s very common to place a magnetic charge on an object held by an opponent, after which the user can track that person using a device similar to a compass.
6-Superconductor Skill-When activated, the user absorbs ambient electricity and is able to arc it toward any fair-sized metallic objects within fifteen feet of the user to shock whomever is connected to it. Though, Self-Damage can occur.

-Gaia Name: L u s t `
-Character Name: Shiiru Yumi
-Age: 22
-Personality: Sly, Kind-hearted, Loving yet has a crazy wild side, Quick Tempered if you say the wrong thing to her, and Stubborn.
-Appearance: Yumi
-Village: Hidden Leaf Village
-Rank: Jounin
-Weapon/s: Specialized Daggers, Shuriken, Kunai, Explosive notes [ the works ]
-History: [ I'll add it later ]
-Jutsu/s: [ Too Lazy To Add ]

L u s t `
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