Hey nonexistent readers, it's Ghostly with another random journal entry.

So first up: University Stuffs.So my UBC essays are still in the process of editing by my English teacher, but hopefully they're okay enough to send off next week. Mainly because I don't feel like panicking about them anymore. And there's also UofT, with the long list of extracurriculars to complete still. I'm a little nervous for the video interview, but that's mainly because I don't own a computer and recording/typing an essay on a phone would be kinda hard? I don't have to stress about MAC, yet. And there's still the AIF for UW that I haven't really started much on yet.

Secondly, I'm pretty hungry, so I'm going to go eat some food, and the hopefully proceed with plan A: typing my physics notes up and then doing some physics review!
I really need to pull my grade back up, RIP. 91 in physics is quite disappointing.