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The foremost and the most important step of avoiding drugs and alcohol is learning to say the word &NO&. Your peers or colleagues or friends may offer you alcohol or drugs-learn to say 'no', be polite yet firm about it. It may be hard at first, but be determined and resolved. Avoid situations where you might be offered something that might trigger your addiction craving.

Just sit down alone and think of what life would be, living a clean and you could look here . Think of all those things that you have wanted to achieved, even when you were young. Smile, and say to yourself, I can get to my dreams under one condition. The one condition is that we have to get out of the negative mode and start to think positive and only positive thoughts from now on in.

One such action is to go to a treatment center or a drug rehab. Most people are not willing to do this at first so it might take some time before they warm up to the idea. Once they become willing to give treatment a chance, their success is far from being insured as they have to actually go there and follow through on the program. It is definitely the best way to quit drinking though as the rehab facility will have a medical detox unit that is much safer than stopping at home. Quitting drinking can actually be fatal so it is really best if you can go to a rehab to dry out.

Everyone is different. Some of us work hard mentally, others physically, however in either case we need to replenish the energy we exerted during the days work. We need to do this on a daily basis. There are those who believe they can sleep 4-5 hours per day and make it up on the weekend. This is a serious fallacy. Our body does not work that way. We need a regular pattern of Healthy sleep to get the rest and energy we need.

I had one beer that day. The tavern was dead. As a matter of fact, I was the only customer. I got bored, so I left. I planned on coming back later. But I didn't. I went back to my RV spot and I began to think about my life. I was facing a DUI charge and it worried me. I realized the court system was going to try to force me to quit drinking by making my life a living hell. Rightfully so--I was guilty. But my attitude needed an adjustment for sure. But of course, I would fake my &sobriety& all the way like I've done in the past. So I thought.