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WolfBoyGabo's Journal
This is just a place where I'll put some random stuff. Like: How my day was, and information on my original characters.
Storm Character Notes
(This is just notes to myself for my character Strom, as a will soon be posting the histories of my OCs in my journal. This is information to be added in the first 'chapter' "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" wink
. Strom was a wolf demon who belonged to a pack, but they we're savagly beaten and used for hard labor until every last one of them died.
. Storm can take on the form of a wolf thanks to the small chrystal on his head.
.Storm was reborn as a normal human being, but he showed no signs of emotion. He didn't talk, he showed no signs that he even ecknowledged the world around him.
. He was born with a small purple charm that was secured by a chain to his wrist, they tried to take it off, but it emitted a shockwave of negitive energy.
. The charm is purple with fire burning inside it, despite that, it is cold to the touch. It contains the sold of his demon tribe in his previous life and they often shout inside his head, confusing and tourmenting him.
. He doesn't know why he hears voices in his head, nor where the charm came from, for be can not remember his past life.
. When Storm was 3 his parents send him to a mental hospital, because he wouldn't talk, or react. He was raised there, and treated like an animal. They ran tests on him daily and before long Storm fought back as he grew older. He grew more and more hostial, struggleing at first, then biting him when he reached the age of 8.
. They chained him to a wall nightly in a shabby cell, after they ran their daily tests, and he slept there.
. As Storm became more violent at the age of 10, they started to beat him.
.Then as Storm grew to be 12 they raped him nightly, but he still didn't talk, didn't answer their questions. He now began plans of excape.

Storms Phisical description and what not: I tried to make the sentances as simple and easy to understand as I could, but I'm bad at explaining.

Info about my OC Storm Waltz:

He has short dark purple hair that stops just below his ears, and his bangs cover his right eye.
In the back, he has his hair in two seperate pig-tails that reach the ground. His hair in the pig-tails is dark red.
Storm has a blue jewl on his forhead and on his left hear he has three stud earings going up his ear and two cuff-link like earings at the bottom.
Around his neck he has a black leather belt.
His shirt is a low cut black short sleeved shirt with a dark purple long sleeved shirt underneath.
Around his right wrist he wears a sliver chain with a round light purple charm with fire inside it.
He wears three belts, one around his waist (the way you'd normally wear a belt.) and two that criss-cross. His pants are also black.
He has a dagger which he keeps on his belt around his waist and he always has a sad/ blank expression.
Referance pic of Storm Waltz

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  • User Comments: [2]
    *interrups the story and beats up the evil doctors that torture him and rape him* Run Storm!! now you can scape!!! <.<

    Okay that has absolutely nothing to do with your story^^;;; he he but yeah I had too.. he he *imagines that it actually happened* it's all good now <.< He he Well that's a nice character^^ he he

    comment Nightmareater · Community Member · Thu Sep 30, 2004 @ 11:05pm
    lol XD Don't worry, you didn't interupt anything, I'm finished. They're just notes so I won't forget anything in the story.

    comment [Seraphic_Radiance] · Community Member · Thu Sep 30, 2004 @ 11:30pm
    User Comments: [2]

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