------I tied him up first. I don't know what triggered me to do so,( but at that moment I was filled with rage, and excitement. Psychotic of me, this wasn't the first time it happened. We has this abusive relationship together, where in one moment I'd constantly torture him, then in the next we were cuddling. Sadistic of me, I enjoyed it. It felt my heart rate increase and I felt pleasure similar to sex. I was eager to do more harm. And in those stagnant days of peace, I often thought of ways of torture. It first started small with unsuspecting pinches and slaps. Then just in the few months those hands balled into fists, and hits got harder. He was silent of course. Manipulative of me, I had blackmailed him. I admired how he took his silence to his grave.

------As I was saying, I tied him up with zipties, both his hands on his back and on his feet. This wasn't the first time I tied him up, In our previous episodes I tied him up and locked him in the closet for a good few hours. His screams were blocked off as I blasted beethoven's An Freude in the background.
Eventually I let him out, and the closet reeked of his piss. I was disgusted, but I cleaned it nonetheless. This time I had the thought of placing him in the bathtub tied up with scalding water on the shower blasting him. But my plan ******** up.

------He breaks the zipties and he come at me, his hands on my neck. He throws me to the floor, and I run out to my room. Of course he follows me. He grabs me by my hair and opens the cabinet where I keep the zipties. He ties up my hands in a similar fashion of how I do his. Afterwards I found his hands on my neck again, as he lifted me. I tried to gasp for air. He tossed me to the bed and undoes my pants. I struggle and I try to kick him but he punches my thigh which still has its black and blues. He pulls down his pants, and I try to scream. However, Beethoven was working against me this time. He turns me so that I face down onto the bed, suffocating onto the pillows. He does his thing, and in those moments I could not think. My mind blanks into white space. As he finishes, he leaves. I stare at floral pattern of the wallpaper.

...I can't finish this, at least not this moment. Thanks for reading though, this is Anikacy, farewell.