Oh, right. I'm trying to write an entry every day for a month.

Ugh. That's the best word I can use to describe today. So, I think I've caught my dear clarinetist friend's flu. Yep, headaches in French, lacking the proper amount of air to play my instrument, constant fatigue, and general tired-ness. This this this this... cannot happen because of all the things I have to do this week /sarcastic yay/

But on the bright side: I got a bunch of candy. Like, real actual candy (yay!) including Sour patch Kids packages x2, starbursts x2 (even though my French teacher ate one) candies from ?a chemistry teacher?? and a whole pile of cookies and cream chocolates!

Random rambles aside, I should probably finish my English research in order to sleep at like, 9. Because I'm probably sick.