By the time its wednesday it will be exactly one month after i turned 21 eek
Im a full adult now ninja Woot. yea its cool and all. Im pretty much free to do what i like and stuff like drink and smoke and stuff. though i dont anyways. But just to have that freedom. yea =p. Updates. Well besides the obvious that im 21 now. Lets see. Oh I went to the beautiful Las Vegas. Blew all my money on gambling of course (And initial D. curse you you damn addicting arcade)Oh and watched alot of performances and such. It was cool and all. but yea. cant believe i forgot to mention all this earlier. I have pics too. And one with actually me in it. But unfortunately it was taken on a regular camera(and there was one shot left) so i dont know when exactly ill be seein those pics. I know for sure not anytime soon. But when i do i shall share will all you crazy ppl. Well thats my update. LATER!!!!OHREURY#*)YGJKLT*)$THGIDH48e057894rhiofk, domokun scream