777 eCigs: Our Specialist Review

The world of e-cigarettes is growing tremendously. As the industry balloons, increasingly more new manufacturers are coming onto the scene, however making the choice between an established business and a less popular one is always tough. 777 eCigs is among the more recent entrants onto the market, but that doesn't mean that their products are inferior to those produced by established manufacturers like V2 Cigs and Green Smoke. We've completely tested the 777 eCig to offer you an idea of what you can expect for your cash.

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The Standard Starter Kit features two batteries (with a choice of handbook or automated), automobile battery charger, USB charger, wall adapter and 10 cartridges. They also use a Ladies' Signature Series, which is available in the very same style of starter set with more womanly batteries.

Packaging and Design

The 777 Standard Starter Kit comes in a strong cardboard box with an integrated in magnetically-closing clasp. Both packages bear the casino-style &777& logo design, but the Ladies' Signature Series box is a soft pink, in contrast to the much deeper blue color of the standard box. The top layer has two foam slots carved into it to hold the batteries, and whatever else is boxed and nicely set up below. It's well-designed, tough and snugly-packed.

Both manual and automatic batteries are readily available in a wide variety of colors. They're all two-piece designs, and most of them have the &777& logo design emblazoned on the body. The standard designs are the anticipated Vhit Type B -size, but the ladies's batteries are thinner-- giving them a more smooth and womanly appearance. The solid color ones look cool, but the Ladies' Rhinestone or Swarovski Crystal models are essentially exactly what would happen if you crossed an e-cigarette with a disco ball. All of the standard-sized batteries-- no matter their targeted gender-- have crystal-style designs for the pointer, and they illuminate in varying colors on inhalation. The two pieces screw together comfortably and firmly.

Nicotine Levels

There are 4 different nicotine levels offered through 777 eCigs, with the basic options of Zero, Light (6mg), Medium (12mg) and Full (18mg). The 24mg nicotine level alternative is just offered on the Classic Tobacco flavor. This gives those aiming to reduce their nicotine consumption incremental actions of 6mg to handle down through. The Zero nicotine option is a nice touch, but sadly they haven't gone with a &Strong,& 24mg option on all their flavors like some brands do. This isn't really typically essential, however it will assist the heaviest smokers suppress their nicotine cravings.

Flavors and Vapor

The vapor production from Vhit Type C . You get a good cloud of vapor after priming the manual battery by holding the button for a couple of seconds or offering the automatic battery a few initial puffs. Although the vapor production does not rather match up to the market-leaders in this location (such as V2 Cigs), it is still plenty to duplicate the sensory experience of cigarette smoking, and you get a light throat-hit. Compared with a tobacco cigarette, it does significantly fail, however.

The taste profile for the 777 eCigs cartridges is pretty excellent. There are 16 various flavors to choose from, including 4 blends of tobacco, classics like Menthol, Coffee and Vanilla, and some more uncommon ranges such as Pina Colada, Caramel, Strawberry and Italian Cr&me. The Classic tobacco blend is a little musty and unpleasant-tasting, but the other tobacco tastes (777 Blend, Gold 7 and Traditional) are well-executed and really vape-able. Throughout the board, the duplications of the intended tastes are quite precise, and the Strawberry is a particular favorite of mine. You likewise get additional flavor alternatives if you buy the e-liquid and blank cartridges. Read the full 777 eCigs cartridges review.