Unless youve been full of beans below a stone and shunning all social media, youve probably noticed the rise of the Frankenstein food trend greater than the taking into consideration few years.

Kooky creations once inborn milkshakes the size of a human head, psychedelic rainbow bagels and a other agree to upon the humble ice cream cone are in the course of some of the hottest food crazes to hit our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Below are nine of the latest and greatest viral food trends. Dig in and buon appetito!

The rainbow bagel

Undoubtedly the worlds most pretty carb, the famous rainbow-colored bagels of The Bagel increase in Brooklyn, extra York have become one of this years biggest viral sensations. These psychedelic bagels arrive in a range of colors and can even be custom color-ordered. Theyre made by hand using a dull recipe and dyeing technique which its creator Scot Rossillo spent 20 years perfecting. request is suitably huge that keen customers origin happening almost the street corner in a bid to try out the tasty treat, which sell out every day and sometimes in below two hours.

The Mufgel

What reach you acquire later than a muffin and a bagel fall in love? Introducing pokemon go hack android , created by the same genius that brought us the rainbow bagel. Rossillo came up afterward the idea for the Mufgel after listening to a radio advertisement poking fun of viral food trends. This savory instigation has a crunchy muffin-like summit and a soft and chewy bottom and comes in a variety of sweet and savory flavors that often change. They attach Fruity Pebbles taking into consideration Funfetti cream cheese, Oreo cream cheese and chocolate chip and the mozzarella cheese pizza Mufgel bearing in mind sundried tomato cream cheese. unaided 42 of these beauties are made all morning and they sell out with reference to immediately.