Again, the administration on the Martin County Sheriff’s Office has concealed or deleted some sort of posting from their Facebook page schedule, so as to conceal information they know will emphasize the company issue facing our own county. We have some sort of gang issue in Charlie County and all of our community deserves to learn the truth, before drive-by shootings become a daily occurrence and innocents are caught within the crossfire.

On Easter Sunday ( mugshots Lee county /27/16) there was clearly a shooting in New Monrovia. 3 individuals were obtained into custody and the Sheriff’s Office distributed pictures of a pair of the men, on the business Facebook page time frame. When I viewed typically the posting, I noticed equally men pictured were wearing red shorts. Given my information about our county as well as my experience for a gang investigator, I recognized the potential for their own association with the Bloods street gang. In which resulted in my making the effort to read the comments submitted to each picture. I actually read Montague County Arrests posted by a man identifying himself because “Solja Fatigue. ” He wrote, “Free my mf kuzn mane” and the page picture prominently exhibited the color red. Red-colored is the primary color of the Bloods Squadra and their rival gang is named the Crips (who flag orange as their color). Those associated with the Bloods will certainly disrespect the Crips gang by definitely not using the letter “C” or altering that in some way to make within minor. These easy to read gang indicators brought on me to research much deeper into this account and others associated with the idea. In doing so , I possibly could see a significant gang connection between Stuart and Ft. pierce.

During my Meet and Greet presentation in Palm City earlier this Friday (04/08/16), My spouse and i told those in attendance about the gang connection associated with the Next month shooting. I also instructed them they could research the information on their own. All they had to do seemed to be scroll down the actual MCSO Facebook page timeline to Mar 27, 2016, and they also would find the entry that will lead them to all of the information I had provided about the potential gang connection with this shooting.

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Today (04/11/16) I went back to the March 25th post to see if fresh information had been posted on the pictures, but the write-up is no longer in the chronology. The Sheriff’s Company has once again altered the public record of these Facebook page by simply hiding or getting rid of the posting. When you scroll down the page right now, you will see that the listings jump from Drive 29th to Next month 24th.

The pictures as well as comments made in it are still currently available within the picture portion of typically the agency Facebook web site, but now you have to know precisely what pictures you are looking for to be able to locate the information I have already been talking about.

As always, I not ask you to just take my word because of it. I have included many screen shots I actually took of the web page, since I knew that as soon as I begun speaking publicly in regards to the issues, and this publish in particular, they would perform everything they could to cover the truth from each of our community.