I came to work as the Patrol Deputy with the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office (DCSO) inside May, 1984. I retired as a Fisiol&gico in Nampa jail inmate search , 2014. During that 30-year career, I served under several Sheriffs and watched our company (and the residential areas in Boyd County jail mugshots ) grow. We’ve got our fair stock shares of laughs and crying, ups and downs, not to mention spending budget issues in the earlier yrs that could have resulted in getting laid off using 19 years beneath my belt.

Within 1993, a free-faced young man named Shane Nelson came in as a Reserve Deputy with DCSO. Covering the ensuing years, I watched as Shane became a a lot of the time Patrol Deputy, and i also was honored to work alongside him as they rose through the has a high ranking. He excelled at every position he previously worked in and I has been very happy when he seemed to be recommended to fill in the preceding Sheriff’s term, leading up to the particular 2016 election.

Sheriff Nelson ended up inheriting a number of issues that have since risen to open notice. I think he has done an excellent job dealing with these issues, making themselves and DCSO as transparent as possible towards the tax-paying citizens who also support the Sheriff’s Office, learning through the mistakes that brought up to those “black eyes” and instituting policies and processes to help ensure Not like those past troubles ever tarnish DCSO’s image in the future.

Becoming a cop can be difficult with times…being a Sheriff even more so. A Sheriff is equal areas lawman and presidential candidate, and sometimes those a couple responsibilities can be in conflict with each other. I have enjoyed Sheriff Nelson start a great job balancing people two aspects over the years, and I have no question he will continue to achieve this task. With your support, just how forward for DCSO and the community is apparent and in good hands and fingers.

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In closing, when I outdated in 2014, I could have simply “hung it up” and simply enjoyed retirement. Nevertheless , I felt My partner and i still had something to give to each DCSO and the area I’ve served total those years. Therefore, I’ve been being employed by DCSO on a part-time basis since the “retirement”. Sheriff Nelson has told me in numerous occasions precisely how happy he’s been to have some “seasoned veterans” around to help your pet guide the ship, and also to have personnel with many different DCSO experience close to to bounce stuff off of. That said, merely didn’t think that Sheriff Nelson has what it takes to both guideline DCSO and last, the community, I’d always be sailing off directly into retirement on a full-time basis! I’m really happy to continue handling Sheriff Nelson, so long as he’ll have me, and serving the regional community in the meantime…