I noticed that I was on a roll of actually posting something for each month this year, then I didn't for July, and I just deleted the one for August.
bummer, maybe next year I'll get at least one for each month?

let's see what all happened in July..
I think the Going Gaia event was going on, team mystic, nods tho don't know which team actually won that one, but made some new friends so that was cool n.n

following feney was divorced, then kidnapped while she was sleeping. makes me think of auto tune the news "hide your kids, hide your wife" xD

I think the slime blob converting was maybe in the beginning of August
forget the name for it, but it was interesting and I finally picked a kin, the adorable penguin Aerling <3

in the mid to end feney became Envy Silence's bae heart

and now here we are in September.
Remembrance day, also a few of my ex's bday's now that I think about it