Name: Aurora DeLuna
Age: 24 (looks wise)
Hair: Bright blonde that is always kept in either a braid or a low ponytail.
Eyes: Light violet
Personality: Spunky, bright, a go-getter, easy to be friends with.
What Fandom she is from: Gargoyles
Her story: Aurora DeLuna was an orphan that was found half dead by the Magus, who nursed her back to health and treated her like his own little sister until he started to get older to which he became a father figure to her. When he found out that she had magic within her, Magus began to help her develop her talent. He did everything he could to try and keep her away from the Gargoyles but she loved the beasts and thought of them as another part of her family. Goliath was like a father to her and Demona, a mother, The trio were her brothers and Hudson was a Grandfather to her. As Aurora got older, She taught herself how to handle the bo staff by watching and mimicking the other warriors. When the Vikings came into play, Aurora did what she could to help out the Gargoyles and the warriors. After the ambush (in the very first episode), She and the others go down to the rookery to look after the eggs, They fall asleep, not knowing of the horror that would await them the next night. When night falls, Aurora and the others emerge to find ruins and reunite with Goliath and Hudson. To wrap up this long explanation, Aurora was sealed in stone with the others due to a mistake by the Magus and she is now living with the others in the City since the spell has been broken...Her new adventures begin.

((More Oc's to come))