Author's Notes:I'm writing the Until Next Time stories in a journal fashion, this is the first entry for it. I'm already nine entries in, and based on the plot diagram that I've written this may take a while. Enjoy! leave comments, constructive criticism is welcomed.

Entry #1
September 27, 2010

------Hi. If you are reading this book, then chances are I'm either dead and, this is my legacy that I will leave upon this world. Just kidding! I know that was a bit grim, but this is my diary. Please return it to Ani Merciacev at 32-30 87th Street, Queens NY 11372. But chances are I probably don't live there anymore, so please contact me via my email at if you happen to have it. Thank you! In all seriousness though please don't read this. It contains my deepest and darkest thoughts on everything. My entire being is bestowed upon this book. So unless you wanna screw up your mental health by emotionally investing in me and my ******** up world and ******** up universe, it will be best return this to me. Please and thank you.

------If you read that paragraph above and still insist then brace yourself. My name is Ani Merciacev as you might have already known. At the time I'm writing this I am sixteen, and this journal thing was originally an idea from one of my English teachers. I can go into more detail about her later on but I will devout this section for at least me. But to let you know on some foreshadowing, she was once an important figure of my life. Now for some facts about me: I'm a musician, I play guitar and I sing, but I mostly focus on my guitar work. As for the type of music, it depends really on my current taste, ranging from metal to acoustic to hip hop really. I love art in general, love to sculpt, and work with plaster and paper mache. I love to draw and paint as well. I also love to write over all. I'm also very geeky though I try not to make it obvious cause I used to get bullied by liking to read comic books and manga as well as fantasy novels and romance ones. I watch anime and play video games very seldom however, as I'm not very tech savy. My birthday is on September 15th. I'm a Virgo, for those of you who believe that stars millions of light years away somehow govern our personalities, lives and predispositions. Which if you haven't guessed I'm calling bullshit. I love space and all, I love science and what not but that idea of zodiacs and whatnot, is absurd and not my cup of tea. I digress though.

------But that's a brief description about me, though I probably haven't mentioned it all. But as you continue reading this I guess you'll get the general gist and idea of who I am. As for family and friends: I have a mother and a father, like everyone else who ever lived upon this planet. I'm not particularly fond of them however. I have a lot of parental issues, being a "2nd generation immigrant" after all. I'm not saying I hate them, I just have to coexist with them. I have an older brother as well. He's the closest thing that I consider of family that I've got. He's five years older than me, so by the time I'm writing this he's twenty one and is in college. He's far away though. he's on the other side of the country at Cali studying medicine. As for friends, I barely have any. We traveled around a lot when I was a kid, so I guess I never really had much friends. I have some friends now though, but I often wonder how long will I have them to be honest. I predict once I graduate they won't stay in contact similar to how once I finished middle school, all my friends went their own separate ways. Middle school was a strange time for me. Its a weird and long story actually and I should probably explain it in a different entry. I guess this is enough for the 1st entry.