------I've decided to work on the Until Next Time stories again once more. I kinda dropped the project because I had multipule ideas where to take it and It got really messy due to the fact I was writing in two different voices through two different protagonists. So it had a lot of variation depending whether it was the male voice, or if it was the female voice. The female voice as you know is the character named Ani, and the male voice was a character named Ray. It's cause the whole storyline was them interacting with each other. It was basically reading one story through two perspectives, which is a really really cool concept if you think about it. However executing the concept of it is actually really hard. There are times I think of a great story for one character, and I have to re-imagine it again through the other. Often times I'd write down a short story for one, and burn out all my energy, leaving me unmotivated to write the other perspective of it.

------What also got messy was origin stories, at one point I had Ani, come from another country as a first generation immigrant, and then at one point she wasn't. At one point she had a brother, and then a sister in another. It was weird I didn't have a solid foundation for her character and where she came from, her psychosis and everything. I also had multiple endings one of which she moves away to Boston, which is the current cannon, and the other is when she gets betrayed and raped, so she commits suicide. It was some dark s**t. She had also a plethora of love interests ranging from: the imaginary boy that yearns for her on the other side of existence (the afterlife), to her best friend who friendzones her cause he has someone else, to the other protagonist Ray. But yeah the foundation of her was very shakey probably due to the fact I was infatuated by her.

------So I'm revisiting the stories again, and solidifying it, cleaning up her origin story. I'm taking out the second protagonist. I might also change the ending cause the current ending is sorta a cliff hanger to be honest. But yeah, I'm revisiting this old story now that I'm kinda over her. It will be in journal entry form this time, so you will be reading it as if you were reading Ani's which is ironic and an inception if you think about it. I don't have any plans to post the entries here though, maybe I will some day. But for now stay in tuned.

Thanks for reading, This is Anikacy, signing out!