Who? Thats the only think I can wonder! Who would do something so horrible to an innocent persone? Why would someone go as low as to steal something as important as a phone? WHAT HAVE I DONE TO MAKE YOU HATE ME? Why would you want to hurt me like that? WHO ARE YOU? What did I ever do to you!

It was a beautiful day, I had just gotten a bunch of yaoi mangas and two great gay movies! I rented a few cool movies and had diner with my best friend! When I went home I was over joyed, the movies where all great and the mangas all breath taking! I was about to call one of my friends to tell her how wonderfull it was when I notice...it was gone! My air, my life, my phone was gone!

If you are out there a**hole, know only one thing! I will hate you untill the day you die! Pray fu**er that you go to hell before I do because even after my death, as long as you breath and your heart beats, I will hunt your every moment. That harsh breathing in the dark, that glare on your back in the street, those hands around your neck in your nightmares and those hatefull eyes huntting you...thats all me! Thats right! Pray a**hole, pray that you die before I find you because I will and when I do there will be nothing left of you for the police to prove you even existed and that I killed you! The first thing I will do, is take that phone that you dared to take from me and shove it up your a**!

I'm coming for you and I'll make you regret what you did!