Auuuuugh... It's been a while since I wrote a new entry, but even last update was a while ago.

My employment has finally come to an end. It's bit of a shame, but continuous temp contracts had really done a number on my motivation so part of me is glad that there's finally a final decision. At least I left feeling a bit appreciated since they got me a nice Swiss Military Hanowa Aqualiner watch as a departure gift. It's a nice looking watch and it's not a cheap one either. Several people from the local management team also expressed their displeasure of the decision, but what are you going to do when the decision makers are in other side of the globe.

I've sent my papers in to another tech support job with a company that I've worked with quite a bit through the last job, but I haven't heard anything back from them yet. I'm not sure if this is really my calling or even something that I'm especially good at, but it was one of their managers that asked me to send in my papers so I couldn't really refuse.

Well, that's quite a bit about work stuff. Anyway I'm happy being free for a while. Now back to our usual programming.

Last month I got a chance to go to Gamestop and I picked up bunch of stuff.

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Overwatch is alright and haven't gotten around playing Doom yet. There's PS4 and PC versions of Overwatch because I bought the PC version to my brother. I started Fire Emblem Fates, but ended up starting the Conquest path that I downloaded as DLC. Got to maybe chapter 20 and haven't gotten around continuing it despite liking it quite a bit. Maybe that was to be expected, I did the same with Awakening until I got motivation to wrap it up and run to the end.


The amiibo craze is on decline, but I got couple more. I mean, how could I not.
Squid Sisters were one of my top 10 favorite things last year.

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Motivated by Chris Ray Gun, I decided to give Japanese candy subscription box "WOWBOX" a shot. Only meant to do it for one month, but I couldn't cancel the auto-renewal anymore when I got the first box.

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The soda was grape soda, but what made it horrid was jelly clumps and cubes in it. And supposedly it hadn't just gone rancid, the jelly was there by design... There was also bag of terrible vinegar dipped squid bits. Other than that everything in it was pretty nice.


And to the latest news (from today) is that the latest niche Gal*Gun moe blop shooter came out in west uncensored which is a big win with everything going on right now. Not only did it come out and be uncensored, they managed to OUTPERV JAPAN by packing the collector's edition with a pair of panties which they advertised as screen cleaner. I'm disappointed that it's not actually a screen cleaner but just a regular ol' pair of panties as far as I can tell. It's definitely not microfiber cloth so it doesn't really serve the purpose it was advertised for.

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オラオラオラ オラオラオラ オラオラオラ

And on to the Jojo's Bizarre News.

There's been a lot of Jojo in my life lately with Diamond is Unbreakable anime starting and Eyes of Heaven game coming out. I bought the game, but turns out it's super heavy on spoilers so I had to shelve it for a while until I'm caught up with manga. I was pretty early in Part 5 (Vento Aureo), but now I'm just past the halfway point in Part 7 (Steel Ball Run). I also bought the last (3rd) volume of Part 1 manga and volume 2 of Battle Tendency (Part 2), but forgot to take a picture. They're the VIZ hardcover releases that I have picture of earlier volumes of in last entry.

I didn't care for the Vento Aureo (Part 5) so much. I didn't like the designs of the characters or their stands and I didn't like the whole gang focus so much. Giorno Giovanna is the most boring Jojo, he wanted to beat the gang leader and become the Gangstar in his place and that's pretty much all the character he has.

Stone Ocean (Part 6) in other hand was AMAZING! Might be my favorite part so far. All the characters, stands and abilities were cool as heck and the artwork had done a gigantic leap in quality. The whole series is also up with official colored pages to max out the amazing levels. It also had a mind blowing ending, which I still can't decide if it was great or bad or if it was a happy ending or incredibly sad.

Here's a video that hyped me up for Stone Ocean. Getting to that part has been my goal in life for a while.

Steel Ball Run (Part 7) is very good as well. The artwork quality just keeps raising and it continues with cool as heck characters and stands. One of the main duo, Gyro Zeppeli also uses an family technique to fight with Steel Balls instead of using a Stand which I think is really cool to see and kind of takes me back to when Hamon was still the s**t. I have a weird prejudice against things taking place in wild west setting expecting them to be mind-numbingly boring, but holeeeh sheeet it works here. (And it's worked with everything else I've seen it in, so I don't know why I still have the prejudice against it...)

Please, go buy a tablet, download Manga Rock Definitive app on it and read through all of Jojo.
Also watch the anime on Kissanime.
Then come talk to me.

無駄無駄無駄 無駄無駄無駄 無駄無駄無駄

I guess that's all I have right now.