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Noire Samhain's Journal
Halloween is Every day
Interview with a Couple

Hello everybody in Heaven and Hell, this is the Archangel of the Trumpet and head reporter Gabriel reporting for the Big Star, the Daily Trumpet magazine for young adults. Today we're interviewing a bright star and the love of his life. Today's star is a big one. You've heard his songs, seen him dance, and probably even bought his memorabilia. But don't forget his lover, a firey-headed prince of Hell and the son of the most famous Demon. That's right, Asmodeus Wood and his handsome boyfriend, Noire!

A: Thanks for that intro. I like a bit of ham.
N: Asmodeus, not the time to be snarky. Glad to be here, Gabriel.

Glad you came, boys. So tell me, anything new with you two lovebirds?

A: New album's coming out soon. I can't give away details, but I think the fans will be pleased.

Outstanding! How about you, Noire?

N: Same old, same old, Gabe. Despite Asmodeus's popularity I live a rather calm life.

Does Asmodeus's fame affect you at all, then?

N: Only sometimes. Some obsessed fans are convinced I stole him away from them. Mainly young girls who are half his age.

That's because they're jealous, Noire my boy. They and the rest of the world want to know how you won Asmodeus's heart out of nowhere.

N: Well, it's a bit of a long story.

We have all the time in the world, friend. Feel free to let it all out.

N: Well, I've been a fan of Asmodeus for awhile. Since he started out like six years ago. One day, during a radio contest they were offering backstage tickets if you call in. Out of boredom I called- there are hundreds of Demons in just Pandemonium, I never expected anything out of it- and won them. I donned my best human disguise-
A: Which then still had your red eyes.
N: ... Yeah. Anyways, I donned my best disguise, hopped up to earth and attended the show. During the backstage portion, I met Asmodeus. We kinda started hitting it off there, but it wasn't until a few months of seeing him over video chat we actually started dating.

Adorable! Asmodeus was known as such a major flirt- no one expected him to end up with someone permanent. What was your feelings at the time, Asmodeus?

A: Like most people I still wanted to find "the one", you know? Casual sex was just easier, especially since I could see very guys or longer than a week due to constant travel. Noire hit something in me- he acted real. Most of my one night stands were with partially starstruck fanboys who really just wanted to have sex with me to say they did, and that was it. There was little substance. Noire acted like I was another guy for the most part. It was pure luck he happened to swing both ways, as I've been crushed by falling in love with quote "normal guys" before.

Outstanding! Has there been a question of marriage between the two of you yet?

N: Well, we've discussed adopting kids if we get married, but that's all we've done. We're not in the most stable parts of our lives, you know? Maybe later in life.
A: Having a dad away for most of the time probably isn't the best relationship builder. Eventually I'll get tired of touring, so that's probably when.

Truly precious. Now, another question our readers have... what's house life like between the two of you?

N: Asmodeus can be rather loud, but there's not much conflict. I'm the main cook, since Asmodeus has never had time to learn...
A: I want to though.
N: ... But otherwise we take turns with everything. We never try to do those sorts of things at the same time, though. We have different methods. Asmodeus is actually the more methodical one. I tend to just, like, just do it and correct mistakes afterwards. Though, we both can get messy. We don't allow people in our room... that tends to be messy.
A: It doesn't help that you accidentally leave dirty socks behind.
N: Or that you leave half your wardrobe draped over everything every time you're changing for a show.
A: Got me there.

You're 20-something young men, people probably would expect a messy room. No need to be ashamed. Speaking of the bedroom... some of our more adult audience would like to know what you get up to in there.

A: Sex.

Any fetishes, kinks?

A: I'll be glad to answer that (laughs). I'm into underwear, man. Nothing looks sexier than a tight pair of boxers. I'm pretty damn vanilla, but I'll try any position there is. Your turn Noire.
N: Well, uh... I'm a foot man. I like feet. Mostly socks. Dirty ones. Asmodeus likes to tease me about it. And I also like a bit of pain- maybe less lube than normal. Maybe a bit of scratching. Nothing that causes me real pain. And also... handcuffs and the like. Things binding my wrists and hands.

Well well well, seems like the shy guy is the secret kinkster of the two. Are you two open in your relationship at all?

N: Nope.
A: No.
N: It's not an Incubus's nature to be poly-amorous.
A: And I don't feel like I could do it without developing favorites. Which really would be unfair to everyone involved.

Does Noire's job affect the relationship in anyway?

A: Not at all. Noire is trying to gather DNA, not have sex. I may have thought that at first, but as I learned more about Incubae, I felt really stupid about it.
N: Can't blame you for not knowing, Azzie. You're from Earth, not Hell. Our common knowledge isn't common there.
A: I know, I know. Can't help it, man.

Well, that's all for today. Anything else to say, boys?

N: Thanks for having us, Gabe.
A: This was fun. Not soul bearing, but it's nice answering stuff sometimes.

No, thank you boys. Archangel Gabriel, Big Star reporter, out.

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