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The Azure Knight's Journal
Well, as you can see by all of my entries, I am an Rp addict. One of the biggest if I do say so myself, so help me help you by commenting on my profiles, even recommending them to certain rps, drop a line (comment or PM) and recommend rps for me!!!
Master Thief
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              My name is Firro Onna'ansr.
              I am 18.
              I was born a Man
              I am Straight
              I'm proud to call myself a Fae Elf
              My height is 5'8'' and this is a little embarrassing but I weigh 140 lbs.
              My eye is Red and my hair color is Silver-white.
              I am on the Neutral side.
              I have to do something to earn money, so I am a Thief
              I carry a series of four concealed nine inch daggers. . . for protection of course!

              My life story goes like this. Since the days of war, Firro's family has been rooted into a long life a thieves. It would be in war that Firro would be given birth as his family thrived in the chaos of a kingdom without the guards to protect its own streets from its own people. Firro had been destined for great things; his mother and father both saw their son's birth as a sign of the age of thieves. Soldiers fought wars, and thieves would rule the streets in their absence as well as many numerous other criminals and ne'er-do-well. Raised by his mom and dad and taught the ways of the thief, Firro was put to high expectations due to their history as a line of bedlam burglars and master thieves.

              Picking pockets off the street as a boy, breaking into houses as a young adult, and committing full blown heists as a teenager, Firro spent his years back and forth between deep practice and decadence. But these high times would not last as the war receded and the original guards trained to be soldiers returned to quell the heinous criminals. The streets broke into a state of emergency as it blew into full rioting with the guards. It would be in this chaos that his parents would be killed. Guards approached criminals with zero tolerance and were either beaten, arrested, or killed on sight, depending on the severity of their known crimes. His mother and father both respectively committed their share of shakedowns, bedlams, heists, and thievery and were killed on sight.

              That was nearly two years ago, and Firro has lived with an absolute hatred towards the Kingdom and all things relating to them. Despite this, he spends most of his time doing the two things that have always kept him going throughout this life of his: Steal and spend. Nowadays, the violence has calmed down in the Kingdom, at least from his point of view. Firro considers himself the greatest in a long line of family thieves, top compared to any low-life mercenary or hired goon.
              So when word of the royal family who royally turned this kingdom into kingdom come, this thief's mind went to profit. While others would have them killed and another would have them reinstated into powerful positions once more, Firro had much better ideas for the kingdom and its former aristocrats.

              I would say I'm, Firro has many different passions that fuel him forward in life. One starts at the door, with a lock pick and an empty bag, while the other ends at the bottom of a glass. Thievery is in his blood and soul, and he will do whatever it takes to make a quick penny. His soft charming voice is but one of the tools of his trade; whatever he can't talk himself into, he will break himself into. His greatest goal is to be the greatest thief the world has ever known. To better himself with every pocket, box, chest, home, and shop he steals from until he can pull off the greatest heist of all time. . . you know, like any career driven individual.

              Morality can be a bit dodgy. While it seems he has some sense of honor or sense of good, it seems rarely practiced to his victims. He never wishes harm against anyone, though he does get into the occasional brawl or knife fight. He never intends to severely hurt or kill. He's a thief, not a murderer or thug; Firro believes there's a separation between thieves and thugs or mercenaries or any of the likeness. There is a perfectionist quality that comes with thievery that can't be as well practiced in any other job or career, because there is the threat of jailtime or worse. It's the thrill of being invisible with more risk, and Firro loves it.

              These are my loves, ‣Money
              tab tab tab tab tab tab ‣Wine
              tab tab tab tab tab tab ‣Women
              tab tab tab tab tab tab ‣Career Opportunities
              tab tab tab tab tab tab ‣Moonlight

              These I hate, ‣Arrogance
              tab tab tab tab ‣Posers
              tab tab tab tab ‣Hypocrites
              tab tab tab tab ‣Bitterness
              tab tab tab tab ‣Routines

              Bet you wish you could do this Master Thievery: Firro is more elusive and crafty than the average thief. He is able to blend in with the shadows, slip into tight spaces, avoid detection from guards, pick locks fairly easily and escape without leaving behind any evidence. Firro also wields improved agility, balance, and reflexes.

              I am controlled by The Azure Knight

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