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The Azure Knight's Journal
Well, as you can see by all of my entries, I am an Rp addict. One of the biggest if I do say so myself, so help me help you by commenting on my profiles, even recommending them to certain rps, drop a line (comment or PM) and recommend rps for me!!!
Sugar Fiend
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                                  XXXXXXXXXXX▶ ▷▶ ▷XXX B A S I C XX I N F O R M A T I O N

                                  xxxxxxx☽ ☾xxxFULL NAME: Sean Micheal Langsley

                                  xxxxxxx☽ ☾xxx NICKNAMES : Candyman; Sweetie; Sugar Fiend

                                  xxxxxxx☽ ☾xxx AGE: Twenty Five

                                  xxxxxxx☽ ☾xxx GENDER: Male

                                  xxxxxxx☽ ☾xxx SEXUALITY: Heterosexual

                                  xxxxxxx☽ ☾xxx ALLIANCE: Solar Blade

                                  xxxxxxx☽ ☾xxx ROLE: Caterer

                                  User Image

                                  XXXXXXXXXXX▶ ▷▶ ▷XXX P E R S O N A L XX H I S T O R Y


                                  xxxxxxx☽ ☾xxx PERSONALITY: Sean is addicted to sweets. Developed young and never taken off, his love for sugary foods of all kinds perpetuated his gift to manipulate it in its vast forms. Like his love for sweets, Sean can be sweet. Though he is a bit cloudy in the head, in the sense that his sugar highs can make him a bit unstable. . . more so if he hasn't had his fix of cake or other sweet. Sean tends to remain laid back and not at all aggressive, which makes him a soft and welcoming character. Even when his adversary has broken his door in, he would still offer them a seat with some cookies and tea before acting against them.
                                  Sean is really an all around mellow character just trying to satiate everyone's sweet tooth.

                                  xxxxxxx☽ ☾xxx BACKGROUND HISTORY : Sean was taken from a young age by Dark Nebula in their quest for control of all the mutated children. But when Sean's mutagen gift didn't pose any means to their cause, he was abandoned as a failed project, left to become the target for other more powerful mutagen's in training. The young boy would go through many hardships and his young mind would never understand why. His power over the manipulation of sugar made a breakthrough with Dark Nebula when he took this power to weaponize himself with what appeared as crystallized sugar weaponry as well as beasts entirely molded out of sugar in the shape of things such as cupcakes.

                                  Sean had taken the life of another child near his age. The young boy would be traumatized by it. He had began to find comfort in sweets and their consumption. He would be given high sugar diets to help further his use to the dark organization. But before they had a chance to implement them, Solar blade would swoop in and rescue him. There he would be nurtured back to an acceptable health, physically and mentally. His love of sweets, however remains his staple. It was Sean's way of coping with his past, and it made him happy. His higher ups would not constrain his diet or his liking of the sugary products. He seemed to have a great metabolism which helped him remain thing while eating whatever he wished.

                                  Today, Sean works in a bakery and candy shop in the city of Alaris. He oversees his shop while making sure that he provides protection to those who might experience what he had to go through against Dark Nebula.
                                  xxxxxxx☽ ☾xxx LIKES:
                                  ✓Teas (loaded with sugar)
                                  ✓The Sugar Rush

                                  xxxxxxx☽ ☾xxx DISLIKES:
                                  ✘Bitter/salty foods
                                  ✘The Sugar Crash
                                  ✘Sugar-free Products

                                  User Image

                                  XXXXXXXXXXX▶ ▷▶ ▷XXX O T H E R XX S T U F F


                                  xxxxxxx☽ ☾xxx ABILITIES: Sugar Manipulation: The power to manipulate and shape and create glucose, sucrose and other types of sugar. Used in its crystal form, sugar can be applied to create weaponry, armor and sugar constructs. Sugar superheated can become incredibly adhesive. Sugar dissolves in the presence of water or other liquids but can be solidified again with further manipulation.

                                  Food Entity Creation: User is able to create beings of food or shape existing food into other shapes and control them. They can also delete the creature once they are done with them. In conjunction with his sugar manipulation, Sean can create living sweets to use as minions. These minions are usually incredibly fragile unless they're made more powerful with the addition of crystallized sugar. His minions are also edible.

                                  xxxxxxx☽ ☾xxx WEAPONS: Sean can make weaponry of many shapes out of sugar. However, these weapons are highly fragile compared to their metal counterparts unless improved with the addition of crystallized sugar.

                                  xxxxxxx☽ ☾xxx CRUSH: Lunaris

                                  xxxxxxx☽ ☾xxx THEME SONG: Shampoo Dream

                                  xxxxxxx☽ ☾xxx PUPPETEER: The Azure Knight

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