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The Azure Knight's Journal
Well, as you can see by all of my entries, I am an Rp addict. One of the biggest if I do say so myself, so help me help you by commenting on my profiles, even recommending them to certain rps, drop a line (comment or PM) and recommend rps for me!!!
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                                  XXXXXXXXXXX▶ ▷▶ ▷XXX B A S I C XX I N F O R M A T I O N

                                  xxxxxxx☽ ☾xxxFULL NAME: Shane Michaellis

                                  xxxxxxx☽ ☾xxx NICKNAMES : Cyberpunk;

                                  xxxxxxx☽ ☾xxx AGE: 24

                                  xxxxxxx☽ ☾xxx GENDER: Male

                                  xxxxxxx☽ ☾xxx SEXUALITY: Heterosexual

                                  xxxxxxx☽ ☾xxx ALLIANCE: Dark Nebula

                                  xxxxxxx☽ ☾xxx ROLE: Field Tester

                                  User Image

                                  XXXXXXXXXXX▶ ▷▶ ▷XXX P E R S O N A L XX H I S T O R Y


                                  xxxxxxx☽ ☾xxx PERSONALITY: Shane has a terrible grasp on manners and politeness, preferring an abrasive approach to solving problems. A loose cannon with any excuse to start throwing a punch, despite his bombastic behavior, Shane is quite a smart man. In his nature, he is tactical and likes to tip scales in his favor. A grin from ear to ear indicates his sinister outlook in any situation. This cyberpunk prefers to talk down to people and enemies alike to not only insult or demean them but to also make them more reckless, because reckless is what Shane knows best.

                                  xxxxxxx☽ ☾xxx BACKGROUND HISTORY : While Shane's memory had been wiped when he had been abducted by the Dark Nebula, the child still seemed to exhibit behavioral patterns and mannerisms as if his memory had never been wiped to begin with. Because before his time with the faction, Shane had been born and raised in a poor slum with family members that had suffered from addictive personalities and otherwise deviant lifestyles. These qualities, though allegedly wiped from him, seemed to pass through his wiped memory unscathed.

                                  Such an effect made him forget names, locations, times, and the likenesses, but made Shane very inconclusive and rebellious. These traits would become his greatest assets when his strange mutation would begin to take a grip on him.
                                  The powers that the mutation exhibited wouldn't be found, but markings along his face and down the rest of his body and limbs would suggest that there certainly something going on with Shane.

                                  It wouldn't be for some time that the overseers of Shane within Dark Nebula would discover his unique ability. While roughhousing one of the other teenage mutants going through the program, the teenager would unleash his mutant abilities on Shane, where then Shane would then release the same ability back onto the teenage mutant. After several tests after this incident, his overseers would find that he has the innate ability to replicate the ability of whatever power is thrown at him.

                                  With this breakthrough, Black Nebula issued Shane to be a subject of a testing program that would allow him to practice and hone his ability to replicate other mutants' powers with hardly any restraints or limits.
                                  Years of practice have made Shane a powerful asset to Dark Nebula's initiative to capture other mutants and inevitably control the world. Shane is deeply devoted to Dark Nebula, finding joy in his freedom to unleash anarchy under their watchful eye.

                                  xxxxxxx☽ ☾xxx LIKES:
                                  ✓ Fighting
                                  ✓ Heavy Music
                                  ✓ Incense
                                  ✓ Alcohol
                                  ✓ Salty Snacks

                                  xxxxxxx☽ ☾xxx DISLIKES:
                                  ✘ Most Fruits
                                  ✘ . . . and Vegetables
                                  ✘ Peaceful Solutions
                                  ✘ Stubbornness
                                  ✘ (other) Megalomaniacs
                                  ✘ Hypocrites. . . ironically

                                  User Image

                                  XXXXXXXXXXX▶ ▷▶ ▷XXX O T H E R XX S T U F F


                                  xxxxxxx☽ ☾xxx ABILITIES: Reactionary Replication: Short version; whatever mutant power is thrown at him, Shane can copy and use as if it were his own. For example, if a user with healing powers healed him, Shane could then use that healing power as his own. Or if telekinesis was used to throw him around, Shane could then use that enemy's telekinesis. Now the catch; Powers must be used on the user in order to copy them, so it will not work if they do not use them on the user. This makes it difficult if lethal power is used in a mutant power against him, Shane however, is more than capable of handling more damage than most mutants.

                                  xxxxxxx☽ ☾xxx WEAPONS: Improvised weaponry; whatever he finds around. Whether it's a brick or a lead pipe or his own fists.

                                  xxxxxxx☽ ☾xxx CRUSH: Pretty much any girl with a pulse. . . or not . . . Pulse optional!

                                  xxxxxxx☽ ☾xxx THEME SONG: MSI-Bitches

                                  xxxxxxx☽ ☾xxx PUPPETEER: The Azure Knight[

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