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The Azure Knight's Journal
Well, as you can see by all of my entries, I am an Rp addict. One of the biggest if I do say so myself, so help me help you by commenting on my profiles, even recommending them to certain rps, drop a line (comment or PM) and recommend rps for me!!!
The Pacifist

User Imagethe pacifist
xxxcase ♊ . . . ACACIAxxKUKUCHI

witch type: psychic
gender: male

An informant for witches in the Tokyo area. Reports say that this witch has
never taken any physical action against our operatives. However, the reports
have proven that this member is known to perform mental 'attacks' on our
operatives as well as his environment before eluding capture. Not much else
is known about his full capabilities, it is assumed his pacifism forces him to
restrain his own potential or otherwise break his own personal code. This witch
holds the knowledge of witch activity and is incredibly valuable alive. Apprehend if able. User Image

played by: The Azure Knight


User Image

n a m e User Image
      xxxAcacia 'The Pacifist' Kukuchi

a g e User Image

g e n d e r User Image

p e r s o n a l i t y User Image
      xxxAn easily excitable character, Acacia is a brimming example of a bubbly personality that can never be faltered by harsh realities. He likes to think that comedy and tragedy are one in the same and should not be bound by their dogmas.
      Most would say he is in his own little world, going wherever the wind takes him; most would also say that they wished that they had his child-like demeanor and innocence. Some say that it's an illusion he made for himself so he never had to face such things like sadness and death. They wonder whether or not all that joy is hiding something more tragic underneath, but to no conclusion.

h i s t o r y User Image
      xxxAcacia was born and raised in Japan by his Irish mother who had immigrated to Japan twenty years before he was born. His background consisted of Buddhism and Pagan traditions brought on by his mother's background as a Wiccan. Back before the practice of witchcraft was abolished by the Macto Pressum Ire, Acacia's mother taught him about the world of witchcraft and the practice of this magical tradition that has been around for centuries.

      Youthful and full of spirit, Acacia was like any normal child. He went to school, he had friends, he did everything a child should. Only difference being that his practice in witchcraft had awakened the powers that had been within him.
      It was an overwhelming experience for the child: to hear the thoughts of others, to feel the emotions of others with the same intensity they felt, to be like the gentle breezes of nature and push the world around him.
      His mother was proud and supportive of her son, helping direct him through his young and adolescent years so he doesn't become bogged down and broken by his own power.

      Several years later, while Acacia was away from his home. His mother had been brutally murdered in her own house by none other than the operatives of Macto Pressum Ire. Upon his return, Acacia was traumatized by the results of the organization's intent to eradicate witches and the practice of witchcraft. Some say that this was the day that Acacia decided to construct his personal code of pacifism; most assume he had always been a pacifist, since he never had the need for violence even as a rambunctious child.

      It would be on that fateful night that he met Victor Strahl, whom had been responsible for his official recruitment for the support of all witchcraft.
      From that day forth, Acacia had become the informant throughout the districts of Tokyo, helping better organize and inform all witches and supporters of witchcraft so that they may better combat the oppression of their practice.

p o w e r User Image
      xxxAcacia's ability is the embodiment, physical manifestation and symbolic representation of the element of Air. In Witchcraft, the element of air represents the power of the mind, which encompasses knowledge, inspiration, imagination, ideas, knowledge, dreams and wishes. Thus, Li's abilities branch into such things as Empathy, Telepathy, and Telekinesis. Overuse of his powers causes him to suffer from severe headaches.
      --Empathy: Power to fully interpret and replicate the emotions, moods, dreams, and temperaments of others. While useful, this power can be turned against the user if the emotion is too powerful or intense.
      --Telepathy: Power to receive as well as transmit thoughts. It's ineffective against large crowds of people when many thoughts are going off at once.
      --Telekinesis: Power to pull and push object with the power of his mind. The user can only move objects that he can see; representative of the element of air, the telekinesis simulates wind and can be unpredictable and imprecise.

t h e m exxs o n g User Image

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