Hi everyone! heart

A lot has happened since I last wrote in here in 2015.

I've been through some relationships, been in and out of the hospital, and I've rearranged my room a bit and acquired a few new Lolita pieces and sold some as well.

Lately I haven't been too concerned with my weight, and I'm actually trying to just accept being overweight as I don't want to work to change anything.

One of my cats (my favorite one) died in October. It was very sad. He was my everything, but we still have his sibling. She's on my lap right now. His name was Nyaneko, her name is Fuji.

Right now I have my eyes on an Angelic Pretty dress called Magic Princess in pink. It's just the most beautiful dress I have ever seen. I want it so bad! But it's like $270 so I'd really have to have the money first.

I'm trying to cuteify my room, making it as kawaii as possible. Which is hard because it's such a small room and I also have other, darker interests besides Lolita and kawaii stuff.

I also really want to quit smoking, but I haven't found a way that works for me yet. Smoking just isn't cute and I feel so bad about smoking in my Lolita outfits. But I do kinda enjoy smoking on the whole. And I'm not really worried about cancer at all. Live fast, die young. That's my motto!

KAWAII TIL I DIE. That's another one. Haha xD
Well that's all for now, check back later for another entry. Ciao! heart