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Lunar's little log of art collections and misc.
This is just some of the events here on gaia I experienced that I think might be useful
七つの罪と罰(seven crimes and punishments)=Gaia edition.
Okay, I've been thinking about this for a while ever since putting on repeat, "Seven Crimes and Punishments/七つの罪と罰”. I thought of some NPCs, even if they don't make sense would fit each sin.

Lust-色欲 (Shikyouku)ーAnurla as Duke Sateriasis Venomania. (lustful duke of Asmodean)
”さあ、踊るか?”/ "Now, Shall We Dance?"
Song: ”ヴェノマニア公の狂気” (The Lunacy of Duke Venomania)/ Dance with Asmodeusby神威がくぽ
(I couldn't find proper harem companions so bear with me on this...)
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”七つの花は舞い 罪は今放たれた
醜い素顔 覆い隠したまま
(The seven flowers dance, the sin has been released
able to cover my ugly face still, I continue to drown in lust.)
Item: Venom Sword/Sword of Lust
sequel song: The Portrait Glassred Drew (グラスレッドの肖像)by GUMI
quote: "If you hadn't changed..." (もしも変わらなければ)

Gluttony/悪食 (Akujiki)-Kid Kobe. as Conchita Banica (gluttonous duke of Beelzenia)
Song: ”悪食娘コンチータ” (Evil Food Eater Conchita)/Beelzebub PartybyMEIKO
”さあ、残さずに食べなさい!”/"Now, Eat it All!"
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”七つの種は降り 大地に根を張るだろう
全てを解かす 胃袋の強酸
そう 世界さえも。”
(The seven seeds descended and take root into the earth
Everything melts into my stomach acid. Yes, even the world.)
Item: Conchita's wine Glass
sequel song: Drug of Gold by KAITO
sequel quote: "If I hadn't ran away..."(もしも逃げたなければ)

Pride・傲慢 (Goman)-Monsieur Loyal as a male Rilliane Lucifen D'Autriche (Lucifenia's Prince)
Song: ”悪ノ物語-悪ノ娘/息子" (Story of evil/Daughter of Evil)/The princess/prince of Luciferby鏡音リン
”さあ、ひさまずきなさい!”/"Now, Kneel Before me!"
(I see Ringmaster himself as a male version of Rilliane and Loyale as a female Allen)
User Image
(Built upon this stone, "Evils' Kingdom" will never end)
Item: 4 Mirrors of Lucifenia
sequel song: Servant of evil (悪ノ召使)by鏡音レン
sequel quote: "if we can be reborn..."( もしも生まれ変われるならば)

Sloth/怠惰(Taida)ーSandman as Margarita Felix Blankenheim (Slothful Marchioness of Toragay, Elphegort)
(I did have an idea of Jack Frost playing as her arranged cheating good-for-nothing husband, the Marquis, Casper Blankenheim)
Song:”眠らせ姫からの贈り物” (Gift from The Princess Who Brought Sleep)/Belphegor's Giftby初音ミク
”さあ、眠りなさい。”/"Now, Go to Sleep."
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”七つの風の中 毒に犯される世界
あらゆる元凶 今日も眠れないと
(The seven winds enter, the world is violated by poison.
I, the main cause of everything, refuse to sleep today either.
Lamenting in the false sin)
Item: Clockworker's Doll
sequel song: Fifth the Pierrot (五番目のピエロ)by鏡音レン
sequel quote: "If I can't be reborn..."(もしも生まれ変わらなければ)

Envy/嫉妬 (Shitto)ーCiro as a male Kayo Sudou (Jealous Tailor of Enbizaka, Jakoku)
Song: ‶円尾坂の仕立屋” (The Tailor of Enbizaka/The Tailor Shop on Enbizaka)/Leviathan Slopeby巡音ルカ
”さあ、仕立て始めましょう。”/"Now, to start tailoring."
(I kinda wanted to see him be a bit jealous in some form. The blanket's supposed to be fabric he's going to use to make a kimono with. Here's a list of men he'd be jealous of.
Man in red kimono-Azrael
Man in green hakama-Prince Orin
boy with Yellow Katana-Takkun most like.)
User Image
”七つの泉には 愛する人の面影
だけど違う影が いつも写り込むの
(Inside the seven springs, is the shadow of my loved one
However, another shadow is always bleeding through
If only you didn't exist.)
Item: Twin Blades of Levianta/Sewing Scissors
sequel song: The Weathered Head at Onigashima (野ざらしの首ー鬼ヶ島にて)by神威がくぽ
sequel quote: "If you hadn't forgotten..."(もしも忘れなければ)

Greed/強欲 (Goyoku)-Ivan as Gallerian Marlon (Greedy Judge of Levianta)
Song: ”悪徳のジャッジメント" (Judgment of Corruption)/Mammon's Court byKAITO
”さあ、開廷の時間だ!”/"Now, Let the Trial Begin!"
User Image
さあ始めよう 裁判という名の茶番を。”
(A courtroom buried in soil
Now, let's start this farce called "trial" wink
Item: Marlon Spoon
sequel song: The little garden girl (箱庭の少女)by初音ミク
sequel quote: "If I were a person..."(もしも人として)

Wrath/憤怒 (Funnu)ーAzrael as a male Nemesis Sudou (Levianta's Vengeful Assassin)
Song: ”ネメシスの銃口” (The Muzzle of Nemesis)/Satan's RevengebyGUMI
”さあ、懺悔なさい。”/"Now, Repent."
(I kinda failed in making it a bit more male.Sorry about that.Azrael fits Nemesis to a Tee because of he was once jealous of CIro in the past based on the halloween manga like now Nemesis was jealous of Michelle Marlon for having her father's affection)
User Image
(Do I hear singing voices of the forest? No, it's my gunshots of destruction.)
Item: Grim the end/Skeletal Key
Prequel song: The Last revolver (最後のリボルバー)byGUMI
sequel quote: "If I could go back..."(もしもやり直せるならば)


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Loyale as a maid or a female version of Allen Avadonia

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