Wow, I didn't even write after my trip to reflect on how it was. I haven't written about a lot of things. I've been dealing with a pretty intense bout of life apathy for quite a while. I no longer seem to have hobbies, I don't really see my friends or even talk to them much, I just come home after work and lie on the couch and talk pretty much only to Taylor, or clean the house, and play this shitty phone game called Fanta.

******** that game, seriously. I have an addiction to it and it is EXPENSIVE. It's a crappy gambling game basically with cute anime cards. God help me. I need to quit it because when I start debating having enough money for a carton of milk because I want to save my money for card pulls I juuuust... need to quit. But I already have so many useful cards that are tradelocked and it'd be a shame. This is the trap, welcome to suckertown.

I need a new job because I don't feel safe walking anymore. I keep hearing about assault cases and I walk home alone in the ******** dead of night. I finally think to look on job bank and the website goes down for maintenance. t h a n k s

it's 9 am why am I even up why aren't I tired
why is the captcha asking me to type ready, set, go
ready set shuuutt the fuucck u