I wanted to put Yasashii gogo by Minawo on my page but all they have on youtube are fan covers sighs
then I thought about You and Me by the Wannadies but they don't seem to have the original video for that anymore either sighs again
Guess I have soft calm music playing in my mind atm which is great n.n it'll pick up again in a bit I'm sure 3nodding

I could always put on a Melanie Martinez song or Postmodern Jukebox in the meantime, just picking out one off the top of my head might take a bit

aw Cherry lips (go baby go) by Garbage just popped in xD
follow that up with Sixpence None the Richer's Kiss Me heart love that song

Maybe some Chobits theme or Utada Hikaru's Love song, First Love, but I'm not too down atm.. so no Simple and Clean right now either.. tho I might have to use it when I update my page with a Kingdom Hearts theme another time! biggrin yay ideas!