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I love.... you too Vol. 1
I love....you too (chapter 1)
Hyo Rin sat in her desk wating for school to start. It was the first day of school since summer vacation and she thought about all the things she did and wanted to tell her friends but could'nt. I wonder where Nami is. She must be gone volunteering to join cooking class again instead of being assigned.

Running into the room without a sound something tackled Hyo Rin with tight hugs. "Hey, Rin!" she cheered. Startled, "Nami?! I was!..nevermind teehee how are you? how was your summer?"

Pointing to her nose, "Pretty good. Did you meet anyone interesting Rin?"
Hyo Rin shook her head, "Not this summer, but I have a good feeling about this year." The school bell rang with everyone entering the classroom. Nami whispered to Rin, "Really? Like what?" "I dont know. I guess anything." she said back.

"I hope everyone's summer was a good one hai?" Mizuki sensei ask aloud.
"HAI!" everyone answered. "Well, its not summer anymore so we must start studying for midterms, but first let me hear about your adventures. Write me a short essay about the things you did." Like every year Rin could not put down what she did. She sighed and just drew some clues.

* * *

Walking in the hallway Rin thught to herself. "Will this year be different like I said? Oh, I do hope it will." She closed her eyes walking into studyhall, and ran into someone. "Im sorry!" dropping her things and picked them up. "It's alright I suppose. Nothing's hurt..you ok?" she nodded finally getting a good look at him. "I apologize but I havent seen you here before, are you new or something?" "No, Im not. My name is Shin. I take it your name is ....uh..." looking at her books with her name on it, trying to read it, "Eh...Hyo Rin right?"

"Yes," noticing him reading "though I wont be impressed if you jut read it then ask me my name. Who knows maybe its not." He put his hand ontop of her head messing up her hair. "Now, your name is....it. heheh" he fixed it, "I have some time right now but I have to go. I'll see you around ok?" Stratching the back of her head with one finger "Ok see ya."

I love?. you too (chapter 2)
* * *

mishachan!!!!! Rin yelling in her head. "Why did you do my homework?!" falling out of her desk. Misha answered, "Rinchan, you know you dont know any about math!" This was so, Rin liked math enough to at least try to learn it but never did it sink through into her mind. "That's true." she admitted. Pointing to her nose she giggled "guess what? I met someone cute but hes not really my type! Finally I got attention from him enough to at least talk." she smiled. Her friends intently listening. "You know, Ko Shin? That is who."

All of their eyes sparkled with envy, "Awww you lucky person!" shaking her head "No not really. He's in so much vanity of himself."

* * * After School * * *

"Hey Im home! Finally my legs are killing me!" Rin sighed to her bike "Huh? imperial members here themselves? Ugh! Hyo Yu probably called the FBI again." She walked her bike up to the proch and came inside. "Mom doesnt usually leave the door open unless.." Looking around the entire house was trashed as though someone was searching for a priceless trinket or something. Her mother speaking to the authority, "I'm sure we can find the ring in no time! Just give me a second." "Hi mom" with a warm hug. "Hyo Rin! Do you know where that ring is? The one when we first moved here?" For a moment she thought "Oh! you mean the one under the table that keeps it from wobbling?" In a pathetic manner her mother retrieved the ring. "Imperial, father, son and daughter. Lets go in the living room for a moment." Sitting down Rin's father honorably brought in some ginseng tea. "Hyo Rin. I hope you know what this is. Do you not?" her mother inquired

"Yes, isnt that the engagement ring for the...second ..generation for the Crown Prince to be..married to the other.." she gulped, " Im the..second..." she answered. The Imperial took over. "The ceremony wont be until a month after she has moved into the official palace and learned her studies. Will she be ready?" Rin jumped "Wait! I cant! I mean I dont know who Im going to be wed to and..May i please have a few days to think at least?" "Crown Princess-" "Call me Rin" "Um yes, Rin. You are to be marrying Ko Shin. We believe he attends your school." "Shin?!?!?" she interrupted.

She asked worried "Is there a problem with this?" She squirmed back into her normal position "Ye- ..No there is not."

* * *

Hyo Rin cried on her bed the moment the Imperial left the hosuehold. This cant be..Im too young for this. Marriage is way too far. This must be a dream. and Shin...oh god why him? I knew he was the Crown Prince but .. Why? Him of all people.?! She sat up holding her pillow in her arms. "I wont do it." then, Rin had remembered all of her families debts. Not big ones but ones they had not paid but shoud have and have to. "They're always doing alot for me. I might be able to repay them..." her mother entering her room. "Hyo Rin, you dont have to do this. It is not your responsibility if you do not want it." Running inside her kid brother called to her "You should go! Cause you'll be rich!!! Kept like a doll and suffocate in the palace but rich!"

Her tears streamed down her cheeks, she did not reply and fell asleep.

I love?. you too (chapter 3)
* * *

The sun just began to break, allowing Rin to wake up. Opening her eyes to a half lit room of white gleaming through the window behind her bed to the wall. There wasnt anything she was thinking about. She only opened her eyes to see. Leaning up she spoke quietly. What time is it?....geez five o'clock. That means an hour until the meeting with Great Queen mother and the Queen mother!! Her mother cautiously checked in on her. "HyoRin...you do not have to do this. It isn't yours to be burdened with on your own." she looked over her shoulder "I know mom. Please dont worry. This is my decision to agree. So I have to stick with it." Rin answered trying so hard to keep her tears inside as she looked for something formal to wear.

"What do you think they want to seem me dressed in?" sitting on her bed hopelessly. "Just wear your school uniform. They wont mind I dont think. Just dont speak in your slang you young people use these days like radical and things." "You mean krunk or something mom." they laughed together.

* * *

A half an hour past with Rin just about ready to go. She wore her clean school uniform, her hair up in two curly pig-tails and some lip gloss. Hyo Yul and her father waited for Rin to say goodbye for her long day to meet her to be in-laws. Rin's kid brother Hyo Yul threw his arms around her, "Bring back presents fatso!" Hugging back she whispered, "You call me that again and you wont get anything you little-" Her father clinging to her "My princess is getting married! My little baby who used to cuddle with her parents when she was afraid and lonely is now getting married!" he wailed sulking. "Dad I'll be fine, like i told mom earlier dont worry about me." hearing her family's overexaggerating weeping, "Aza Aza!" forcing out a smile.

Driving towards the palace felt like driving to hell. Her heart sank drawing closer to her new home. The driver in the limousine spoke to her in a kind tone, "Here we are. I know you will do alright." That was the first person that made her feel things would work out fine until she saw body guards coming towards her, "The Queen mother and Great Queen mother will be with you in a moment. Come." They all lead her to a fancy tea room. Cream colored walls and paintings of dancing cranes, in the center of the large room a pure, clear, cyan water decoration lie in. She rested her legs onto her knees and touched the liquid. Pink candles shaped into flowers floated on the surface, they were lit, very graceful.

Light footsteps came into the room. Rin ran to her seat and waited and saw her two almost in-laws. Dressed magnificently sitting down joining her. "Hello, you must be HyoRin." The Great queen mother said sweetly. Rin sat still, hesitantly speaking, "Yes, your highness."

She smiled "To what you see in this room, what does our mind say about the palace. We can give you a tour ourselves if you like." She had never been this nervous before. Rin wanted this to be over and done with so she pretended to have seen the palace. "Everything is beautiful. It truly is incredible." she replied. "How nice you think so.... We understand your position right now. Being so young in age and still in highschool. Marriage is not even a thing you have even thought about yet. And now all of it thrown at you. But also understand by doing what one has to do, great rewards are entitled to them. just by looking at you, I feel good things, Im sure you will do a fine job. Please tell us how you felt at first, when you found this all out. If we may know."

Alittle more relaxed but tense at the same time, "To be honest your highness I hadn't contemplated-" "Relax, just pretend you are with your friends speaking." she consoled to her. "Thankyou so much." she sighed, "To tell you the truth. I was trippin cuz stuff like this dont really come into my kinda interest. And gettin married aint something I thought bout like you just said." The Queen mother whispering to the Great Queen mother, "Did you understand anything she explained?" "No I didn't" she laughed. "I loved this meeting with you Crown Princess. I do hope you'll be ready for your lessons in two days. We will see you soon ok?" "Yes your highness. Thankyou."

Rin declined the ride back home. Walking seemed to be alot better sounding. I'll never be able to handle this.. They chose the worst daughter for a royal marriage. I always thought I could marry for love. Not an arranged fairytale marriage.

I love?.you too (chapter 4)
* * *

Rin traipse around her school after classes were over. Eating her mochi inside out. She could hear two other students talking. She investigated. "So because of that. Will you marry me?" That sounds like Shin's voice. Rin tiptoed to one side of a door to the entrence Shin and the other person was in. Looking in cautiously she saw Kim, Shin's girlfriend. Huh? Why am I spying on them like this? Its wrong.. she turned back deciding to just listen. "Shin.... .. You must be kidding. We're only in Highschool. We both have our dreams to fulfill." he roughly pulled her to him hugging her tightly, "You are my dream." Kim patted his back "It's.. we're too young Shin. You yourself know that."

He pulled away gently from her. "If I have to marry someone I want it to be my friend, someone I can trust. To live with." She lifted her hand onto his shoulder, "I'm sorry. But I cannot accept your offer. I want to be with you still too. But to do it this way? I can't Im sorry. And I still have my dream of being a professional Ballerina." "The palace is a nice place. You would like it. Its better than any place I could just buy for you anyways. Please dont leave me alone like this." Rin's heart pounded in jealousy I should go.. Even if we do get married. There wont be any room for me in his heart.

The ringtone 'Chinese dance' song played "Oh my god!" Rin exclaimed as quietly she could. Looking to see if they saw. They did. Shin came running out. Rin had just started to run, "Hey you! Come back here!" she yelled back "Im sorry Shin!" and ran home.

* * *

"Yes, Yes. He will be arriving just about now." Security guard informed the Queen Mother. It has been a time since we have seen Prince EuiSung. EuiSung walked through the opening from the plane, "It is nice to be back in Japan again. After fourteen years." Photographers and interviewers came to him. The Queen mother went to greet him. "My Nephew, it has been long since we have last seen eachother. Why did contact between us all stop?" "Ah, let us not worry about that. How is everyone?" "Fine thankyou. You look so much like your father now. Your mother must be proud." "I hope she is." "Where is she?" "Mom has some business to attend to." "I see. Of course, Shin must have told you in his letters he is getting married." EuiSung stared downward. "Yes, he did."

* * *

"Oh my, EuiSung how much you've grown!" The Great Queen mother said happily. "Oh, I do not want to use such harsh words So to speak. Since you left the palace that long time ago I could not recognize you." "Yes you as well. Your features are beautiful everytime I see you grandmother." "Ahaha." she gave him a loving hug. Shin heard of his cousins return, going to greet him.

He stood in the doorway, "...Yool." EuiSung turned to see Shin, "Wow Shin you look completely different." "Im not the only one." they shook hands. They couldn't hug anymore like they used to fourteen years ago. "Of course then, we were only five or four the least." "Yes."

Both went to Shin's room. "I see your getting married." Yool said looking at the newspaper. "She is very pretty." "Are you kidding? she looks like the ugly duckling." "Must be bubbly too." "Her name is HyoRin. I dont know really. I just think she is annoying." "Picky as usual my cousin." Yool smiled.

* * *

Escaping from the dresscode adminsistrator Rin was panting trying to get away. She ended up in the main office. Yool, looking seriously confused looked at her taking off the pants underneath her skirt a few feet away from him. "Where is the Art room?" He asked awkwardly. Breathelessly she answered "Um..second floor to the left." "Thankyou." "Sure!" The man she was running away from came in. "Ah!" she high-tailed it into another place.

* * *

"I met Rin." Yool mentioned to Shin. "What do you think of her? Heh, if your father didnt die you would have been in my place and you could've married her." "It was only a second or two, but I think she's nice." "The wedding is tomorrow after school right?" "......Yes it is."

I love?. you too (chapter 5)
* * *

"The wedding is today.." Rin said in her mind. The only place she could express herself. Her friends didn't do much of anything. She replayed their words over and over echoing. "Your only 16....." "...You'll live with him for the rest of your life..." ...."Let me have him!..." The time was only 4:30am. Obviously she couldn't sleep. Sitting up, "This is so sudden. Me of all people too..." Her eyes had a glow with importance flashing in them. "But hey, might as well get used to it. I'm going to be queen very soon! Along with a long itme of being Crown Princess!" trying to console herself. "It's not working.." The night ealier Rin made the bedroom opaque. Seeing the sun shining happily saddened her. Everyday she found a reason not to be the same in personality. But at the same times, wouldn't want her family to worry about her. "What should I wear?" Looking in her closet, "There isnt anything form-" looking right she saw a very cute outfit. "Aha!"

* * *

Two hours later the rest of the family awakened. Her father as always made breakfast whenever there was somehting special happening. "Hey fatso! Dont eat too much. Or else you'll be fat when your on tv internationally. I'll eat that for you. ha! ha!" Why that little! getting ready to pounce the Kid resisting, "Fine." she surrendered. "Honey, me and your brother will not be able to attend your wedding. But your father has to be there so.." Rin's mother mentioned "I know mom." trying to hide her tears.

The kitchen clock raised the hand leading the time to 9:00am. "Oh my gosh! Im going to be late for lessons!" HyoRin ran out of the house then stopped at the gate turning back to see her family. "I'm sure. Everything will be alright." turning to her driver's car. "I promise!" and left.

* * *

His fingers tapped on the wood "Where is she?! It's our...wedding..and she is late for lessons! Which I dont know today why I'm going too." Shin heard bumping and running outside the corridor. "Escuse me! Sorry! (^x^);; " A girl was running he presumed. HyoRin came in breathless. Following with Lady Choi. "Crown Princess, it is not proper for a royal to run in the palace." Lady Choi informed Rin. "Oh, right, sorry!"

Lady Choi nodded and the lessons began. The entire thing felt pointless. Neither HyoRin or Shin paid attention. Though, as soon as it was over the wedding would start. After getting dressed that is.

* * *

HyoRin was fully dressed in her wedding kimono. The outline designs were pearl glowing and pure silk. With about three cherry blossoms in the bottom left corner. The white makeup on her face only tinted her pale-tan skin. With the bright pink gloss on her lips with powdery shine brought out important features. Her hair was in a complex design with lavender ribbon. In this moment she felt like she was playing princess with her friends like a child, except this time it was all real.

Lady Choi walked in bowing respectfully, ?You look beautiful. Crown Princess.?
?Thank you.? HyoRin said in return. ?It?s time!? One of the maids reported to them. Standing up with the best poise Rin came close to the ceremony room. The scents of Peach blossoms were everywhere. People stared in envy and grace as she walked through the courtyard. Her mind was blank. Rin?s body, all over, was in a glimpse cold sweat of anxiety pressure. All of a sudden her mind told her she was lost. Then she looked for a huge building of golden arts. Reporters from all over the world were there and the Shogakukan Yomiuri station were all standing in wait for her arrival.

* * *

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Rin walked closer, cameras snapped, recorders were rolling and questions were asked but everyone kept a distance so she could walk up to the pedestal. From her position, it was literally forty feet away. Every step was intense. Only, she could look at the floor. Lady Choi whispered to her as she passed, ?Look up, You?ll be okay.? with a kind smile. Rin did so. The first thing she saw was Shin. Their eyes met, and all of the sadness drained away from her. The time she walked seemed so much shorter drawing closer. Finally she was where he was. She couldn?t figure it out, why things had changed when she saw him. He was still a jerk. He took her hand both getting on their knees repeating vows.

?With the power of Kami vested in me, I pronounce you, Husband and Wife. Crown Prince and Princess.? Every hand clapped with joy. She forced out a fake smile. Still holding hands Shin and HyoRin left the room outside with more pictures being took. The guards eventually got them out of the way. And the couple was alone. ?What do you think so far?? Shin asked rudely. Rin countered, ?It?s all great!? Ha! yeah right!

Things went quiet. Shin began to speak again, ?By the way?I heard that you married me to help your parents? So, its for money isn?t it?? Rin looked away, ?And because of betrothal. But yes mostly that.? ?I can see that the two of us don?t like this the same way.? he paused again for a second, ?In about three years?I will give you a divorce. In the mean time. We have to pretend that we?we?re..? ?In love?? She asked. Shin nodded sheepishly. ?I don?t know if you know this Shin. But things in the palace like lessons and getting used to the ?suffocating? I need your help.? With out any emotion he replied, ?No, I already myself have things to do. You?ll have to manage on your own.? ?But you-? ?I don?t have to do anything. It?s up to you.?

The court ladies came in. ?Your highnesses. We have the marriage room ready.? they bowed. ?What?! The what?!? Shin elbowed her, ?It?s a dinner you airhead. But you and I will be all alone.? He is soooooo going to get it!

Still dressed in the clothes they wore in the ceremony. ?Everything looks great!? Rin smiled happily, ?It?s pretty too! Teehee I wish I brought my camera!? she said again eating. Shin was quiet. ?Here try this!? Her hand under the chopstick so she wouldn?t drop the rice on him. ?No.? He moved her hand away.

Her eyes had the look of shock but not her face. Then she knew why he was acting especially cold today. ?Is it because..? she asked pausing, ?I?m not her.? ?Who are you talking about?!? Shin defended sternly. She looked up to him slowly. The depression he saw in her face made him feel bad. ?Don?t fool yourself. I know when you look at me you cant see anything. All you see is a bad replacement for what you cant have.? ?That?s not true.? he answered. Though it really was. ?Just eat. You?re such an airhead.?

?Im not hungry anymore. I?m just going to sleep.? she said back. Shin looked to her. ?Then go to your room then.? ?I don?t know where it is. I dont want to get up anyways.? ?Your very stubborn.? ?No, why?? ?In that case, I?ll sleep here too.? ?Fine! Like I really care!? ?Fine!? ?Okay then!? ?Yeah!?

I love?. you too (chapter 6)

* * *

Morning came quickly. Rin opened her eyes hoping for a soft sound of birds chirping. Instead of that she received the thunderous snores coming from Shin. "Geez, if I'm going to be with this guy I want him to be QUIET!" she yelled in his ear. Shin woke up immediately "What the hell?!" he saw her, "Oh great it's you." "Good morning!" Rin said happily. Shin asked sitting up, "Why are you so happy?"

She thought a bit. ?I?m not sure. But I-? Shin cut her short, ?We?re late for school.? ?What?! We are?! You have no idea how mad Ms. Mizuki sensei gets when I?m late!? Shin laughed hysterically, ?I?m kidding! It?s the weekend.? ?What? But I thought.? ?Nope? Rin?s eyes burned red with energy of fire ? SHIN! ? ?Bah!!? His body slammed against the corner of the floor. ?I?m not sure about you but school is important to me! You?re an ignorant jerk!? He scratched his head ?I?m a what?? ?Go away!? She said quietly straightening her clothes.

Shin got up and left without saying see you later or what she had to do. ?What an idiot. He can?t even call me by my name?..? Ya. Why would he? For him right now saying a name especially to a girl is like a term of endearment. But still he could at least be kinder and not take it out on everyone else. Maybe if I can just- no. I wouldn?t even think of such a thing.

Rin dressed into her favorite ?Kawaii Babydoll? design clothes. (Which I also buy from their designer clothes so cute! 4laugh ) and she skipped to the courtyard. It?s so peaceful. There isn?t anything like this at home except for the shower. Due to the morning sun the sky was a white shade of baby blue. The plants didn?t even look like plants, vines stretched and swirled leading to a koi pond. Things here seemed to last so long. The grove of Sakura blossoms were dripping carnation pink petals. Rin walked backward breathing in and felt the scenery, immediately she bumped into something hard and then soft. It was a person.

She bowed repeatedly, ?I apologize!? ?I apologize!? ?I?m so sorry! I-? ?I?m so sorry! I-? She and the other person said coincided. Rin added, ?Wait do I know you? From school right?? ?Hello,? Yool said smiling and plainly to start, ?or here I?m Prince Euisung.? ?Really?? ?Yes. and you are the crown princess right?? ?Unfortunately.? ?It isn?t that bad.? ?You have no idea.? ?I might.? ?Could you tell me if there is anything that is going to happen at all today?? ?Yeah, uh, you have a meeting that started fifteen minutes ago.? ?What?! But Shin said-? ?Knowing Shin, he won?t tell you anything since you don?t mean much to him.?

?You?re right.? ?I haven?t even done much and I cant see my family for three months.? They sat together. ?I understand your pain.? ?It?s hard. But, I know I just have to get used to things here. I know that you can do it.? ?Teehee! thank you! though I think I should get to that meeting ^o^;; it was nice talking to you! See ya around okay?? she waved and walked away. He waved back and smiled.

* * *

?Crown Princess, you are very late for an important Sunday meeting with the monarchy.? Lady Choi sauntered toward Rin. ?I?m sorry. I didn?t know, Shin didn?t tell me anything I-? Lady Choi raised her right hand. ?I will let them know what happened. Just try to be on time every Sunday.? ?I promise!? She walked through the door finding everyone staring at her. Everyone of the in-laws were there. The Great Queen mother, the Queen mother, the King, Prince Euisung, and all the rest. The Great Queen mother stopped the silent awkwardness and spoke, ?You are a little late but we are so happy you came Crown Princess.?

The Queen mother spoke after, ?Crown Princess why are you so late? Crown Prince told me he mentioned it to you. And yet you are irresponsible and truant.? ?Your highness, but Shin- I mean the Crown Prince did not mention it at all-? ?Don?t argue with me. Sit down.? ?But- Yes your highness.? Rin sat right next to Prince Euisung. ?Crown Princess, although this is a small matter but it is still important to be on time for mettings.? Prince Euisung defended Rin, ?Your highness, It is not her fault. It?s mine, we bumped into each other and spoke. She was already on her way here.?

The time now was very late and the moon just started its turn to shine. Everyone?s face turned to Prince Euisung. So then the Queen mother inquired him instead, ?You had a conversation for twenty minutes?? ?Um, yes, We just.? The time bell rang. The Great Queen mother interrupted them, ?Let us stop this little pow-wow and get to our rooms and sleep. The couple and Prince Euisung have school tomorrow.?

The adults left but Prince Euisung, Shin, and Rin stayed behind. It was a short pause for anyone to start talking then Rin broke it, ?Yool, why did you do that? You got into trouble just because I was late but you...I mean. Why?? He sent her a gentle smile. Shin noticed the gesture and did not appreciate it. Shin roughly pulled Rin close to him and kissed her.

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I love you too?. (chapter 7)
* * *

Her lips had a sense of tingling mistrust. It had been an hour since she spoke to anyone. Ofcourse she couldn't because everybody was sleeping. Rin said aloud, "That was my first kiss... my first kiss.. my first.... .. ... but why did Shin do that? He hates me. So why would he do such a thing?" feeling her lips again, "I hate him too? I mean, i can't like Shin it's...impossible. And.. Finn hasn't called in a long time too."

((Chapter recap

"Hi people! Im HyoRin! I just got married and its with a jerko named Shin! My life used to be normal...yeah right normal. I am a Reincarnation of Joan of Arc, but Im known as for my work...Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne!! I am on the side of god to protect the world from Satin's demons! Which reside in beautiful paintings. Im not alone because my trusty sidekick Finn!" "Im not a sidekick!" "Yeah whatever! Finn helps me out and gives advice when there is a painting with a demon. And to sight it out i have a cross pendant! And the best part is!! *LOTS OF SARCASM* while i have to save the angels Im crown Princess of japan and I have to be queen in alittle bit! Im only sixteen! I hav a rival too who is on Satin's side as well! His name is The Kaito Sinbad! He is handsome but at the same time he is soooo annoying! I can feel a demon but where is Finn?!?!?!" wink )

User Image

"Now, I have to worry about demons in paintings and marriage and to top that of Crown Princess!" Rin sank into her pillow. Finn where are you? Not that it isn't good but my Pendant hasn't gone off for days too! There was a flash of pure light, with it a small pixie appeared. "To keep HyoRin from loosing demon sight! Finn picks up her courage and takes flight!" the small creature said joyfully. Rin turned around so quickly it almost gave her a whiplash, "Finn?!?! Oh my gosh your here!" Rin threw her arms around the tint pixie. "Hyo!" Finn hugged back. ?Finn where have you been? So many things have changed..? ?I know your married. What a tragedy.? ?You did?? ?Pf! ?course I did! It?s like, my job to know! I already sent a notice for the painting. We have to go before Sinbad gets his icky hands on it!? Rin sat up faster than she ever could, ?Yes I!...no I can?t this time Finn? I have to stop being a Kaito.? ?Ya that?s! What?! why? you cant stop! You have to!? ?I can?t. There are guards everywhere.? ?Come on! you?re the reincarnation of Joan of Arc! You cant do it!..Ti?s never stopped you before! And we can?t let Sinbad win!? There was a long silence.

?You?re right Finn! We can?t let Sinbad get this painting! Let?s go!? Rin took her pendant, ?To seal the evil born of night! Light has sent Jeanne to take flight!? Rin transformed into a kaito. ?Let?s go Finn!? ?Right! That?s my girl!?

Rin promenaded to check on Shin. ?That?s weird, Shin isn?t in his bed?and.. at this time of night.? She shrugged exiting the palace. ?Okay Finn! Where is the painting?? ?In the old fire house now redecorated and owned by a very wealthy family! But becareful they have high security!? ?Oh now you tell me.? The alarm goes off as Rin tried to pry the window open. ?Good going Jeanne.? a person?s voice taunted. She turned, ?Sinbad! I have this one just go away! This is mine!? Sinbad jumped to her. ?Not a chance!?
People ran out of the building. Some yelling, pushing, and screaming. ?Burglar!? another said ?No!, it?s the Kaito Jeanne and Kaito Sinbad!? others yelled, ?They aren?t getting my precious painting!?

About a minute later Rin noticed Sinbad looking around in his clothes for a bottle. ?What are you looking for?? ?A sleep powder you airhead!? For a brief moment Rin thought she was talking to Shin. ?Airhead?? ?Yeah, got a problem with that?? the panicking people fell to sleep. Giving Sinbad a head start. ?Hey!?

They ran into a dark room making Finn search for a light to switch on. ?Access!? a black and purple shine fell into the room too. ?You?re late as always, Access.? ?Sorry Sinbad I,? Access saw Finn, ?You! your that annoying other pixie thingy!? ?And you?re!...Oh be quiet Access!?

A small storm of thunder came from the beautiful painting. ?The demon!? Rin shouted. The figureless demon took an eerie form. ?My dear Kaito Jeanne? Have you come to capture me?? ?You bet!, so pay attention cause your mine!? Rin retorted to the demon to fight. ?You?re the one that should be paying attention darling.? the demon defended in a piercing tone. It raised it?s arm bringing snares of what looked like slithering black rope with sharp ends but dull at the tip charging at Rin. ?Ah!? she couldn?t move and Sinbad ran infront of her, the attack piercing him. ?Hnh?You..okay?? She nodded. ?Sinbad you..sav-? ?Get the demon!? he ordered. ?Right!?

?Evil born of darkness! By god?s name be sealed!? Rin threw the Chess piece in the air pulling the demon inside. ?Checkmate!?

The original painting was no longer present. But was replaced with an even more beautiful painting of an angel as it always had.

I owe you big this time Sinbad. You saved me so I?ll do one thing that want. Anything.?
He held his stomach in pain, ?Anything huh?? he said standing up. Together they were outside on the roof listening to the people enjoying the new painting. ?Yes, do I keep having to repeat myself?? He gripped her hand pulling her into his arms and kissed her passionately. Rin was shocked by this and kissed him back. For a strong brief moment Rin could see Shin?s face in her mind. Sinbad whispered in her ear, ?I want you?. to quit being a kaito.? his arms still around her.

She pulled away quick, ?What are you nuts?!? ?You did say anything and you will obey!? Rin turned away, ?Ya, says you.?

His shoulders slumped. She began saying again, ?Aside from that?why did you kiss me?? He smirked, ?Just a whim, I hate you.? ?Well, anyways. I?ll never quit!? ?What about your promise?? ?That was paid full with your kiss!? Sinbad jumped of the building ?Terrific.? he said under his breathe.

* * *

?What was with him? He?s always pestering me with who gets the paintings first and now he saves me and kisses me. He?s stupid.? Rin said heading back to the palace then into her bed. ?Why did I see Shin?s face right then when Sinbad kissed me to? What?s really with that??? And why do I also feel guilty for kissing another guy?

* * *

Yool was running late for school. On the way he needed to pass a public market. He was just passing a dark, little Shoppe. Feeling a small presence he stopped he felt a strong desire to enter this strange place, I know I should be at school right now but I need to know what is in there. The trinkets here were very uncommon most unpleasant. Some books with believed to be real dragon scales to protect the texts inside. Scents of antiquity flowed through along in mist. There wasn?t any trace of sound. Or anyone who might own the shop until in the corner of his eye he saw something move almost like a shadow of nothing float into a painting. Merchandise covered the floor so Yool had to be careful where he stepped. When he got up to the painting he examined it. Yool saw it as he came in, but this time there was something different. There was a child in front of the window where there, originally, was a bouquet of sunflowers. Her eyes were hidden by the shadow of her bangs but she was smiling.

?That?s freaky.? he said staring at his watch, ?I?m going to be even more late!? The lips of the child in the painting moved. No sound, but movement. About 5 seconds later he could hear what she was saying. Her voice was high pitched and sinister, ?I can see through your aching heart Yool.? He slightly jumped intently glancing at the girl. She began speaking again, ?It yearns for HyoRin does it not? Open your heart to me. And in return, I will make your most fervent wish come true. You do want to change your life yes? To be able to show your true feelings.?

* * *

School went as it usually did. People talked, the bell rang, and teachers taught. As she always had Rin did not pay attention. Fourth period was just starting Yool came around the corner of the hallway late for class. He entered the classroom carelessly. ?Yool, you?re late. I?m in shock.? Mr. Soten announced. Yool replied, ?Yeah, what of it?? ?Go ahead and sit down your delaying the class.? The teacher commented. Rin lip-synced at Shin, ?Why is he acting like this?? he did the same in return, ?Shut up Airhead.? This was the only class she was in with him. Nobody actually learned anything in this particular period. But that is probably why people don?t have good manners because that was the class.

Those who excelled here were HyoRin, Shin, and Yool. The cream blue walls had some sort of tranquility to it. Which caused the students to calm down. The substitute teacher, being a male, especially in an etiquette class was not cut for it. He was rude and obnoxious. Just as Yool strangely, was too. Rin walked to him and sat down, ?Yool I can?t help but not notice your acting strange today and-? ?It would be really nice if you would stop talking to me right now HyoRin.? Yool said almost yelling. She took a step back. ?That doesn?t sound like the kind crown Prince Yool I knew. The one you are now. You?re a jerk.?

Yool smirked. Rin stared closely at his features. She saw two small fangs. This time Shin went to talk to him to see what?s going on, ?Yool, by any chance did you buy a painting of any sort? Beautiful perhaps?? ?Yes, it is very radiant. It?s strange because it grants wishes.? Shin backed away a little, ?What was your wish?? Yool..he doesn?t believe in wishing. He?s not blunt either.

?I can?t tell you. You probably wouldn?t like it.? ?Oh? Try me.? ?I?ll tell you later.?

* * *

Rin thought about how Yool acted for the rest of the day. He was normal after third period. Fast footsteps came in her direction. She wasn?t surprised to see it was him. They walked to the school entrance to be picked up together ever since he transferred. ?Rin? I?m sorry about today. I wasn?t myself. Something came over me and-? he apologized. ?It?s okay Yool. I don?t mind.? The drivers didn?t arrive yet. So they both went down the sixteen step staircase then leaned against it?s wall. Yool shoved Rin against it, ?Look. I like you.? He had her hands pinned. ?This is a joke right Yool?? she questioned him nervously. Rin?s pendant went off. Oh no! That means Yool is possessed by a demon! ?Hey.. stop it.? Rin?s cheeks turning red, ?Yool what do you think you?re--!? se tried to say struggling to get away from him, ?I said..STOP IT!?

She hit Yool in the stomach. ?Unh? .? ?Sorry Yool..I.? Shin came just in time and pulled Rin from Yool and then he went to Yool himself, Shin said in a disciplining voice as if he were talking to a kid, ?Okay, that?s enough you two. Naughty naughty, putting moves on a girl at a place like this. And when she is your cousin in law.? saying the second sentence as if he were annoyed. He was.

All three cars sent to pick them up finally came. Rin went into hers leaving. Then Yool said to Shin closely, ?But, I?m not gonna let you have Rin anymore.? ?Talk about confidence.? Shin countered

* * *

They had just exited the cars. ?Rin are you okay?? Shin asked as they both walked to the hallway where their rooms were just across the other. ?Why?d you help me?!? Rin irritatedly raised. ?What?! Did you want to get kissed?? he rejoined. ?I?m just saying you had no right to butt in! I?m capable??of handling myself in a situation like that!? She stomped into her room. Her head twitched down as she sat on her bed. ?Darn! I forgot to thank him.? ?Even though I really didn?t need his help.

Rin walked out of her room. Shin?s door was made of glass as her?s was. Though, he wasn?t there reading his medical books. ?Hm..Oh yeah! I forgot! Yool is still possessed?I have to help him!?

Quickly she ran to Yool. He saw her and brought up, ?I just can?t get through to you can?t I?? Rin didn?t listen to him, her eyes searching for the painting. He had about four in his room. Beautiful painting, beautiful painting?.There! The girl! She ran out behind the door. Rin took her pendant, ?To seal the evil born of night! Light has sent Jeanne to take flight!? she transformed into a kaito. After the transformation she could hear Shin?s voice down the hall. She checked on him. ?Where is the painting?? he was talking to Access. She responded, ?It?s in Yool?s room. The one with the little girl on it.? he nodded. ?All right.? Shin commanded onto his pendant, ?To capture the evil born of night, Darkness has sent Sinbad to take flight!? Oh my god! Is that Shin?! No, it?s not?it?s not!

She went back to Yool. His room was black now. The shadows gray and the door slammed shut making it hard to see. Dozens of slim long arms gripped her legs, and arms, and neck. Rin screamed, ?Yool! It?s?it?s.. Rin! Snap out of it!? her vision grew fuzzy. I can?t breathe.. she was immediately going to faint then in the best chance Sinbad released the door, ?Yool knock it off!!? setting her free from Yool?s demon grasp. Her eyes just barely open Sinbad..is Shin.. now I know..thats why he keeps helping me..that?s why he wants me to stop being a kaito.. unable to move she could only watch Sinbad fight Yool.

How can ?this be? Sinbad put on the finishing blow on Yool?s demon back, ?Checkmate!? Yool lay there unconscious. Sinbad sat before Rin. Sinbad?is the devil?s agent?My Rival?My enemy?.

User Image

the guy I?m falling in so much love with..He?s.. ?You okay? You?re such an Airhead Jeanne. You can?t protect yourself the way you want to.? he said. ?Shin.? Rin answered miserably.

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S u k a n y a --xx
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comment Commented on: Sat Jun 17, 2006 @ 11:48am
Wow!! You put it all together. ^__^

comment Commented on: Fri Jul 07, 2006 @ 09:41pm
this is definitly manga/book/anime material! you gotta keep writing!!!!

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v~.Kitsune Kagome.~v
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comment Commented on: Sun Jul 09, 2006 @ 04:38am
Since it is the summer, I cannot write as much as I use to be able to. But also! I have more to write so as soon time comes my way I can post more -^^-


comment Commented on: Tue Aug 08, 2006 @ 07:40pm
WOW!!!!!!!!!THATS A LOT I LIKE THE PICTURES!!!!!!!!! biggrin mrgreen heart 3nodding

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