What a day or should i say night for a wedding i can't believe the two got married last night at 11 pm EST even though it was supper late i managed to go and it was well worth it. they had a lovely ceremony at the shore/beach area presided over by Jinn and i must say we had perfect weather on the beach front. there was a wild reception afterwards at the ROSE Underground!, i'm actually shocked to say this but i think its the 1st time i actually saw the Jedi and Sith guild members getting along with out fighting or causing a huge scene we'll kinda getting alone a few of the guest weren't acting their age. i guess that's why you could call it a wild reception lol. i must say the best man Daddicus and maid of honor Mommicus was dressed lovely but OMG Jinn was on spot on with the ceremony and the reception. but OMG i was gifted so much food items & flowing champagne. i must say the ROSE Underground has a swinging band...where did gaia come up with the credits for that shindig??? i must say Eva actually looks cute in a dress. although i doubt we'll ever see her in a dress ever again. Anyways congratulation to the Happy Couple and all in all i hope that both of them enjoy being married to each other. smile