shiprocked - Day one of The SDR Show on Shiprocked was one of legend my friends! First of all Luis J Gomez comes on-board as the co-host as Big Jay was out on the Impractical Jokers cruise the week before, and couldn't take 2 weeks off of The Bonfire. Luis, to make this a magical show - decided to get an SDR Tattoo thanks to Spaded & Jaded Tattoo, who were offering free SDR tattoos on the boat! Comedian Rob Mailloux came with Luis, and jumps on the mic for a bit as well - then we had members of We Are Harlot, Nonpoint, Rubix Cube, & DollSkin all on the show, plus Ralph's first radio co-host Matt Murray stopped by to say hi as well. This was an epic first day of Shiprocked 2016!