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Title goes here : a fictional story this is a story that i have been working on for a couple weeks now....its about a girl that falls in love...but with a twist...you have to read on to see... ignore all the spelling mistakes

i like new sharpies
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Chapter One
"Joey, David, Gabbie. Time to wake up. Your going to be late." I woke up to that sound. After adjusting my eyes to the sunlight, I sat up in my bed. There to the right of my foot was Joey, all curled up in my Blankets. Then i looked to my left and there was David, half on the bed, half off.

Ok so before i gross you out because if i was reading this right now i would think that this person was either sleeping with two guys or that the siblings had to sleep together because the parents couldn't afford more beds. But its nothing like that. David and Joey are my best friends. (quess you figured out that I'm Gabbie!) David and i have known each other ever since first grade, when i smashed my finger and he was assigned to be my helper buddy. We've been inseperable ever since.

david is the kind of person you only dream of dating but you never dream of dating him. (does that even make sense?) David has the dream guy look to him. Floppy black hair with brown eyes that make you wonder when you stare into them. But no girl would be caught dead dating him. He is a geek. He's not good with computers but he's really good at school. He doesn't act geeky, but trust me, If your popular you don't date him.

And then theres Joey. Perfect Joey. Joey, really Josephine but only her teachers and her 70 year old grandmother call her that. joey wasn't always perfect. Last summer she had long hair that was highlighted with rainbow colors. That was before. Then she went to summer camp. There she met these "Preppy people" (she says that their the same as us but trust me I saw pictures of them and they are definatly preppy. you know designer clothes and the evil "popped collar" wink Anywho, she came back with layered hair that was died yellow (she says it is sun kissed but trust me its yellow) and all those preppy looking clothes (she doesn't pop her collar because David and I said that we would give her a black eye if she did) she can be friends with th eother "preppy" kids. Heck they even "accepted" her but she doesn't go with them ( i think its because she has more fun with us)

Then, finally me. How to explain me. Thats a good question. Thers really no way to explain my personality. I quess you can call me normal. Yah, normal seems like the right word. I mean i'm good at school, not bad not perfect just good. Actually thats what i am with everything. I have shoulder length curly blond hair. It use to be at the middle of my back but I let david cut it last night in honor of are first day of 10th grade. (he did a really good job too. last year he couldn't even walk straight!) So they all slepted over my house so we could go to school together. So back to where i left off.

I nudge them with my foot to wake them up "come on guys" i said. I nudge them a little harder and david goes falling of the bed. "Jeezes Gabbie" he said from the floor. I look down to see if he's alright. He is and he smiles with his hair covering his eyes. "oh my god" i thought to my self. "if he wasn't gay i would so make-out with him" (oops yah i forgot to tell you about that piece of information. yup David's gay. so there's the other reason why girls wohn't date him. They can't!) "David" i say jokingly" stop lying around. we have to get ready for school" i roll over to the other side of the bed. "come on Joey. time to go to 10th grade". she doesn't wake up so i start to tickle her. "stop Gabbie. you'll mess up my hair" she says while sitting up. i jump off my bed and throw open my closet door. "Hey David" i yell "what should i wear today." he crawls over to my closet and lays down next to my leg. "Just because i'm gay doesn't mean that i'm good at fashion." he said"but i think that you should wear the black mini skirt and the red tank top" i put them against me and say "yo Joey, What's your option" she stopped applying her mascara and turns around. "well, i think that you should give those clothes back to god will and let me take you shopiing for something with bright colors like pink or yellow" David and i look at each other. "Not goin gto happen" we say at the same time. She turns back around to the mirror "it's fine" "okeydockey" i say as i walk to my bathroom. "you guys, when you walk into my closet Joey's clothes are on the left and David's clothes are on the right"
(ok i think i should tell you that my family is very wealthy. My dad inheareted my grandfathers eletrical company and it brings in alot of money) I walk out of my bathroom and take my turn at the Vanity. I think to myself "what should i use today" and as if David could read my mind, He walks past me and says "go normal today. Don't want to scare the teachers to early" " ok" i say as i applied a thin amount of eyeliner. then i braid my hair into two braids and tie them off with black ribbons. i slip on my converse high-tops and stand at by bedroom door "come on guys" i yell. Joey steps out of my closet wearing a jean skirt and a pink polo with matching heels. Her hair was neatly pulled back with a barette. " For once, i'm done with time to spare" then David comes out from the Bathroom wearing jeans and a black 'Strokes" shirt. "yah i'm ready" he says sleeply. We load into Davids jeep and off we were.

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comment Commented on: Sun Oct 15, 2006 @ 07:41pm
OMFG that amazing, write more now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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