DUBLIN, Ireland--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Research and https://whittakerbagge6.wordpress.com/2016/01/24/discover-some-home-renovation-aid-via-information/ trucks, sewer cleaner tank trucks, vacuum

hydro-excavator tank trucks, and vacuum loader tank trucks) in units and


Production shares are further shown by geographic area, since many

companies operate in a defined radius from plant locations, due to

transportation costs. Multi-plant facilities are singled out.

The above data is then used to provide a review of the competition,

followed by a discussion of the most recent developments and trends. An

assessment is made of the specific drivers that directly impact demand,

as well as external factors, such as economic, technological and

environmental influences, bearing on demand.

This is rounded off through a brief evaluation of the main applications,

customers and/or channels.

The analysis is then drawn together with underlying assumptions to

provide a succinct view of the outlook and forecast for these body types.

Industry Structure & Manufacturer Data is a tabulation that correlates

employment, plant size and sales at each company, to arrive at a bird's

eye view of the underlying industry structure. Web addresses of

manufacturers are provided as a convenience to users wishing to access

additional information on each company.

Finally, the size of the universe of vacuum and septic tank bodies is

analyzed in units in use, as found available from official sources.

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Company Profiles, based on a mix of interviews and/or other information,

seek to describe company operations in a way that adds immeasurably to

the overall understanding of this industry. All identified players in

the United States and Canada are featured as a Profile, with the larger,

more important companies carrying a higher degree of detail.



Estimated Production & Competitive Shares in Units & Dollars

Non-Code Portable Toilet Tank Trucks

Non-Code Septic Tank Trucks

Sewer Cleaner Tank Trucks

Vacuum Hydro-Excavator Tank Trucks

Vacuum Loader Tank Trucks

By Geographic Region(s) for All Products

Industry Structure & Manufacturer Data

Employment, Plant Size & Sales Correlations

Web/URL Addresses of Manufacturers

Companies Mentioned:

Acro Trailer Co.

Almac Machine Works Ltd.

Amthor International

Best Enterprises, Inc.

Diversified Fabricators Inc.

Engle Fabrication Inc.

Erickson Tank & Pump

GapVax Inc.

Glendale Welding Co.

Hi-Vac Corp.

Imperial Industries Inc.

Jasper Tank

Keith Huber, Inc.

Labrie Equipment Group

Lely Mfg. Inc.

Marsh Industrial

New Progress, LLC

Presvac Systems Ltd.

Satellite Industries Inc.

Sewer Equip't Co. of America

Stamm Mfg.

Super Products Corp.

Supervac 2000

Tornado Technologies

Transway Systems Inc.

VacAll Industries Inc.

Vac-Con, Inc.

Vactor/Guzzler (Federal Signal)

Wastequip, Inc.

Westech Vac Systems Ltd.

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