I finally got my permit which was bak in Feb of 2015.
I did all my driving lessons and now I am gonna try to take the road exam.
I have a stable job which pays 10$ an hour of Retail.
I still have to get my GED after I get my license.
I also need to try to move out on my own with my boyfriend.
People come to that conclusion but yeah my dad wants me to stay with him.
I lost my mom September 4th back in 2015, she was 58 and her birthday was February 6 1957.
I cried because I had memories and I bought her 47 bucks of bouquet flowers.
She meant the world to me cuz she both my cancer doctor and her saved my life.
My dad and my mom saved my life back in the 90s whe I was born June 15 1993 and had maromism.
I am gonna do some more math of what I got from my old GED classes.