i am sooo pissed off right now...my friend in 8th grade she hooked the guy i like up with this b***h that i hate and plus he called me a b***h for hitting him on the head with a waterbottle! god! but the best part is i can walk to his house and hang out w/ him...he doesn't mind much...i think he enjoys that...one time me and my friends went up there and he was outside and he was looking @ us and whispering...i kno he probably like me because he daid he hates all my friend 'cept tiffany and tiffany wasn't there...so i think he likes me so soon i want to ask him what he considers me as...his friend, best friend, or wanting to be my boy friend..he already nows i like him because i told him so he would tell my friends who he likes one day on the bus back from our games...i already new...he likes olivia green...same girl he danced with at the god damned dance! scream

by the way his name is Jacob Sackett