The controversial Oscar Pistorius trial which commenced in 2013 has attracted mixed criticism. As the daughter of a South African woman and an English father Brenda Wardle has lived a life that is an enjoyable story to hear, which has been reflected in the short stories and autobiographical novel she completed in recent years. Brenda reminds everyone that Oscar Pistorius owes no explanation and that the burden of proof was on the state, which failed to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Brenda Wardle believes the idea that an individual has the right to say what they like under free speech laws should not infringe on the rights of the majority they live alongside. It is alleged that in April 2009, Wardle informed convicted murderer Stephanus van Aardt that she could have his 12-year prison sentence converted to correctional supervision. Some Twitter users express racism or share racist tweets through their Twitter accounts.

The name Brenda Wardle is now known around the world as one of the leading experts on the South African legal system Wardle came to a position of prominence during the Oscar Pistorius trial when she gave expert opinion on the daily activities of the trial. The outspoken Wardle must now answer to allegations that she pocketed more than R500 000 for services not carried out. Upon learning of Sparrow's racist statements, legal analyst Brenda Wardle interpreted them through the light of the constitution. As made plain by both Brenda Wardle and the supporters of Woke Twitter, racism continues to play an integral role in the lives of people around the world.

From the start of the trial, it was evident that Brenda Wardle had very a comprehensive understanding of South African law and she assisted spectators in deciphering the complicated processes and jargon they were presented with during the televised trial. Mothers' weight may also be a bigger factor than fathers' because moms are typically the ones who take charge of the children's diets, Wardle and her colleagues note. Not only has Wardle looked to continue her education throughout her life, but also continues to provide academic analysis of the major cases being discussed under South African law. Wardle is a highly sought after facilitator for contract law, labor law, and much more.

People from all walks of life have Brenda Wardle commented on Penny Sparrow's statement, including legal analyst Brenda Wardle In discussing the comments, Wardle stated that the free speech rights of each individual are guarded by the constitution. Wardle is a mother of four and a grandmother of three children and she is absolutely driven, aiming to become a Professor of law within a couple of years. Just as the Woke Twitter representatives are calling out Sparrow for racism, legal analyst Brenda Wardle has decided to do the same.

The author of a semi autobiographical novel has now stated her view that the Twitter comments degraded the reputation of an entire race of people within South Africa; Brenda Wardle believes the right to human dignity has overcome any questions of free speech that may be brought up during the court cases the three face. There is much more to Brenda Wardle than simply her legal skills, which have become the best known aspect of her life and career. As such, Woke Twitter is committed to delineating and discussing this ugly reality for the purpose of raising consciousness and challenging the status quo.

Most recently, Woke Twitter is responsible for alerting the world on Chris Hart, Penny Sparrow, and Justin van Vuuren, who had tendencies of posting racist comments on Twitter. In taking this racist rant into account, legal analyst Brenda Wardle responded by deeming the statement a manifestation of intentional, unlawful racism which did damage to the dignity of people of color. Orange Grove, Johannesburg, businesswoman, Victoria Matlabe's lawyer alleges legal fees amounting to R55 000 were paid to her but Wardle did not deliver as promised. Between April 2009 and August 2013, the Van Aardts allegedly paid Wardle more than R500 000 for her services.

Wardle hits the nail on the head with her analysis on various cases not forgetting the Pistorius case which she extensively covered and wrote a book on giving the readers an overview of the law practice in the Republic of South Africa. Noted attorney Brenda Wardle was highly sought after as legal analyst for the Oscar Pristorious trial Brenda Wardle has an extensive background in law. Currently racism is one of the biggest challenges to the current world and Twitter is not spared. Wardle also notes that there are limitations to free speech and freedom of expression.