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Blah This journal is where I post whatever random nonsense I feel like. So..Ha. xPP

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My Vampire Roleplay Character(s)

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Name: Dalton of Laneroth
(Or Dalton of the Whisper City.
He has no last name;
The other vampires in the area just call him Dalton.)
Age: Nineteen. (He appears his age and is his age, because he is part human.)
Personality: Dalton can be a real rebel at times, sarcastic most of the time, and understanding at other times. Contradictory to his appearance, he can be social, but most of the time he just prefers to be alone to gather his thoughts.
Bio: Born and raised in a welfare state, Dalton never knew the real wonders of being something other than a fugitive. Every day he had to live in fear, wondering if one night the Lycans would raid his city or if Vampires would carry off the town's women. Though his mom and dad remained safe, until one horrible accident cost them their lives and almost cost Dalton his. He survived with mild to severe injuries, one being his sight. To the doctors, he was described as completely blind, which is why his eyes are a glassy, very-light blue. Dalton then returned home to his city, hoping to find someone that could understand his pain. He stayed there for a month, up until he realized the whole city's population had been slaughtered by a group of Lycans. True, Dalton was enraged, but he didn't know what to do. He didn't have his sight, so he decided to improve his hearing and sense of touch. As Dalton traveled away from his city in a random direction, he came upon an old monk that specialized in a meditative training excersize that heightened the senses. For three years, he stayed with that monk, developing his sense of inner knowing, touch, and hearing up to the point where it seemed being blind was his strength. The monk died of old age a few days after Dalton was finished training, and again the teenager set out for something to do.
Race: Vampire / Human (Secretly. All Vampires that are converted still have a human side.. Somewhat..)
Weapon(s): Two dual Chinese swords, given to him by his father a month before his death.

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{{ She can retract and release her wings on will.
Generally, vampire wings are large and like dragon wings.
But, hers are like black bird wings, and are much smaller than dragon wings
Hers are only the size of half her body.
But, they're big enough to carry her weight in the sky.
They will grow as she grows. }}
Name: Kris
(Her full name is Kristen.
Most people she meets learn to call her Krissie or Kris.)
Age: Kris appears to be around twelve years old. Though, because of her being a hanyou, she doesn't appear to age as quickly as humans appear to age. Technically, Kris is twenty-five years old, but she acts like she is twelve because of her nature and young appearance.
Personality: Kris, because of her nature (appearing as a twelve-year-old), is generally a silly and fun-loving individual. She tends to be immature most of the time, and loves to mess around with others by playing tricks on them. She will beat around the bush if someone asks her a simple question and will leave that person frustrated. All and all, she is a pre-teen (appearance) with much maturity to gain.
Bio: ((Meh.. Me thinkie of this later... @___@))
Race: Vampiress / Crow Demoness (Half Vampire, Half Crow Demon)
Weapon(s): This pre-teen vampiress carries around a Spiked Battle Flail. Basically, it's a medieval weapon with a long, black (armored) handle with a chain coming from the top, and a spiked solid-steel ball at the end of that chain. She uses it to protect herself.
Click here to see one.

{{ More are on the way. ^^ }}

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