Wow, I forgot to write an entry for the new year. It's still early, so it's not like I have much to say. Next week, class sign up starts, but I have to wait a few days since they always start with students who are almost done and I still have quite a few classes to go. I'll only be taking two at a time, since the ones I have left are the extreme ones(you know, lots of work and studying). Not only that, but I may be getting a new job soon. The one I have pays well, but with how erratic projects can be, I need a set income. So far, my two options are Pet Smart and Hot Topic since both are looking for new employees and they're in my area close to home. Can't do much until I have my class schedule though, so I hope I don't have any time conflicts! Loki's fine as can be. Had a worry regarding his testicles since one of them still hadn't descended, but he's okay. About a week after my freak out, it descended. He's still playful as heck, but if anyone that isn't us plays with him too much, he gets excited and tries doing his thing. Regarding my car... I busted a tire when I was emotionally distressed and ended up taking the wrong exit, driving right into a hole. If there's one thing I hate about this place, it's the lack of road maintenance. Got a new one the next day, but now there's a problem with the transmission. Don't know what it is, but I just hope to God it can be fixed before I start classes. I'm still drawing, of course. I update my DA and Tumblr art blog as much as I can. On a final note, I may be getting my hair dyed soon. No date yet, but I'm really excited! I won't spoil it just yet, so have fun guessing!