XPS insulation boards start as a good granule. The granules are fed into an extruder where they're melted and critical additives are blended with the viscous fluid that is formed. In that case, a blowing agent is certainly injected to make the blend foamable . Under properly controlled heat and pressure conditions, the foamable blend is pressured through a die, at which time forming and shaping occurs. The rigid foam is trimmed to the ultimate product dimensions then.

COMER series production line can produce better quality of final products may be the consequence of the comprehensive understanding of single screw and twin screw extruder and cooling performance of single screw extruder. This gives the guarantee for larger capacity and better quality of last products.

Automatic uploading units are configured to provide the automatic solution fully.

Batch grave metric feeding and premixing solution can be optional.

USEON standard solution will equip the K-Tron Ioss-in-weight feeders for systematic solution totally.

Precise metering and injection models for CO2, HFC or butane could be configured according to distinctive requirement specifically. Other liquid injection mainly because added blowing agent could be equipped also.

Each of the first plasticating extruder will be equipped with USEON’s super powerful modular twin screw profile permits all kinds of physical blowing agent

single screw extruder machine

Modular structure of the cooling extruder allows the very best cooling condition which could steer clear of the unbalanced cooling condition. Precise heat range control is assured through such design.

All COMER systems equip the initial static mixer to progress temperature distribution and the future mixing.

USEON also develops the specialized die for CO2 extrusion system to meet the strict foam condition.

Post units are the calibrator, haul-off, edge trimmer, printer, stacker and autopacking units. These products are optional relating to buyer’s specific requirements.

Style relay to PCC(industrial computer control), we can customize the control system according to your specific requirements. We not only think about economical factors, more and more caring styles have been introduced to our control system, which makes the complete control easier.