Here certainly tend to be a number of helpful tips:

Here is how I figured out why the machine ended up being freezing and how you can fix the problem.

5) Examine your cables. One-on-one assistance can in addition be available.

put your demos, music, and also videos in a folder. I suggest using PS3 Lights Fix by Rob Sheffield. If not, try the particular following steps.

4) Attempt another game and locate out what happens. This particular could cost concerning $150 and also may take 4-6 weeks.

How for you to Maintain Your PS3 from Freezing

Make it easier to your device to run game discs and begin up. 2) Restart the particular machine. This specific may quit the actual freezing problems. I use microfiber.

6) Give your current PS3 a new break. This will increase your danger for PS3 start-up a total lot faster.

3) Examine the game disc and always be sure there aren't any smudges. Occasionally leaving it off pertaining to a day will fix the problem.

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What in order to Attempt next in order to Unfreeze Your Own PS3

If none of these actions work, there might be a issue with the tough drive, Blue Ray drive, or software.

Though this isnt associated towards the notorious yellow/red light difficulty (though in some cases, it could be), we could still repair it.

Since the majority of freezing problems about PS3 machines are generally brought upon by heat, it is sensible for cooling the device down to quit the actual freezes.

Next Actions In case Cooling Down Doesn't Work

Here are a few subsequent actions you can take to figure out the problem:

make certain you have at least 50% of the specific is a straightforward guidebook together with comprehensive videos as well as instructions regarding beginners. In the event that this doesn't work, unplug just about all cables except the particular power cord. In the particular event that it doesnt freeze throughout the other game, then it could be your disk itself.

Alternately, you'll always be able to send the gamer for you to Sony regarding repair. having repaired my own, personal PS3 before, I determined to test and check if I could fix my friend's machine too.. When there are, clean all regarding them with Windex or eyeglass cleaner and a soft cloth