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Story Ideas
Tides Of A Lost Age ( history / adventure )
Spring 1756.The Seven Years War is about to begin. And while the Golden Age of Piracy may be over, there are still buccaneers roaming the seven seas. Though far less popular and famous than their predecessors and less civilized, some of these pirates have looted many ships for riches. But now, these free men are nearing extinction, as England, France and Spain along with their colonies are determined to eradicate the piracy. Struggling to survive, they are looking for ways to prepare themselves for their fate. That is, before rumors begin to circulate about the mythical and long-lost pirate colony of Libertalia...


New World Order ( post-apocalyptic / action / supernatural / horror )
The ancient Mayans predicted December 21st of 2012 to be the end of the world. Many didn't believe it, but that day, the world changed dramatically. The Sun went dark in an unexpected eclipse and within the next 24 hours, reports began circulating about dead rising from their graves all over the world, infecting any victim they caught. The undead infection spread like a plague, throwing the world into chaos. Now, six years later the world has fallen into ruin. The last fragments of Earth's governments are trying to stay in power, busy fighting extremist factions as well as trying to keep the undead plague from spreading, while some are beginning to search for the truth. What or who started this plague and can the world be returned to its former self anymore?


Rollercoaster ( suspense / thriller )
Leisure business, when it comes to theme parks, is a peculiar business eneavour. This also makes it wide open for risks. This is proven, when a roller coaster suffers a devastating accident with numerous fatalities. When more rides are also subjected to disasters around the country, sabotage is suspected. When the authorities receive a blackmail message, it becomes a cat-and-mouse race against time, when it is not known where the bomber will strike next...


V.E.N.O.M. ( action / adventure )
Vigilantism and Extortion Network of Oceanic Mercenaries. Like its name states, this para-military organization operates around the world's oceans. Some governments have labelled the organization as a terrorist faction, some as a group of mercenaries, modern day pirates. But in truth, VENOM is both all of them, and none of them. Their operations include assisting and helping civilians in distress, fighting modern day pirates around the world. They are also operating in oceanic preservation. But they are also known to extort large sums of gold and money from known corrupt governments or large companies and corporations, while also working for the highest bidder, who pays them the largest possible sum of gold.


The Ghost Of Flight 204 ( supernatural / adventure )
A passenger plane crashes at the Hawaiian islands, leaving no survivors behind. But when plantation and life begins to die away afterwards, things take a strange turn to the unknown. When a lone ghost of one of the passengers appears, it brings along a warning of a threat that could eventually involve the whole world. What is the connection between this ghost, the so-called doomsday matter, and the Watchmen, ancient statues, that have been watching over the Hawaiian islands since the ancient times?


My Little Pony - Two Worlds ( alternate universe / fantasy / adventure / romance )
This story takes place in an alternate universe of Equestria, where ponies are humans. But their society, civilization and culture are heavily influenced by horses, with some humans able to fly and some able to wield magic.

When Queen Chrysalis helps Lord Tirek escape from imprisonment in Tartarus, the two form an alliance to achieve their common goal; their revenge over Princess Celestia. And this time, they want her blood. While this plot remains away from Celestia's visions, Equestria is in for another surprise, when two soldiers from Earth end up in Equestria due to a science experiment gone horribly wrong. While these two soldiers face difficulties accepting their situation, they also have to be ready to protect Princess Celestia with Twilight Sparkle and her friends against Tirek and Chrysalis. Or have these two soldiers only brought death and destruction from Earth with them?


The Sicilian Project ( adventure / sci-fi )
In cooperation with the US government, the National Underwater Marine Agency (NUMA) has created a top secret development, codenamed the Sicilian Project, a defense system, which could literally put the end to the threat of nuclear warfare. The only drawback is, that the system requires extremely rare mineral as it's powersource. Sources and archives reveal, that the only possible remaining location of the mineral is in the cargo hold of the Titanic. And so, the US Navy and NUMA embark on the biggest oceanic salvage operation. But as the North-Koreans hear about it, as well as the Russians, tensions begin to mount up.


Gray Lady Down ( action / suspense / drama )
After having been relieved of duty of patrolling on the Mediterranean during the Ukraine Crisis, the Ohio-class submarine USS Nebraska starts home. But in the middle of the night in a dense fog, the submarine collides with an unknown surface ship, causing it to sink near it's crush depth, before landing onto an undersea ledge. While having to wait for the rescue that could take too long for the crew to live through, panic begins to creep in, with mutiny not far behind. Meanwhile, the accident re-surfaces the threat of armed conflict between Ukraine, Russia and even NATO forces, as everybody's placing the blame for the accident on each other.


The Black Hole ( sci-fi / horror )
The small exploration vessel Palomino has begun it's long journey back to Earth after it's mission studying an exo-planet. Their journey comes to a halt, as they accidentally discover the long-lost starship USS Cygnus, hovering dangerously close to an enormous black hole. Taking the risk, the Palomino crew enters the ship as a salvage operation, and succeed to find only one survivor and his eerie robotic crew. But soon enough they all begin to realize, that whatever happened on the ship during it's disappearance, and wherever it has been, it hasn't come back alone...


Dark Moon Chronicles - The Quest For Star Sword ( fantasy adventure )
Queen Landa Mortis, ruler of the kingdom of Dark Moon, now finds her realm in danger. The rebellious warlord Xanon who betrayed her court a decade earlier has now arisen to open revolt and has begun building his own army, aiming for total conquest and domination. Rumors are, that Xanon possesse god-like powers, granted to him by the ancient weapon, only known as the Power Sword. However, it is told that another weapon exists; the Star Sword, that could be used to defeat Xanon's rebellion. So, for the past year, Landa has been sending adventurers, fortune hunters, mercenaries and even small detachments of soldiers all around the outer borders of her kingdom to look for it.

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Jusu Kilappa
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