I wrote this for you
I hope that you read it
And know it well
I don't hate you
But you mean nothing
Not to me, not anymore
The air that you breathe
The words that you speak
The actions you take
Are nothing to me
When the sweet winds blow
Across the southern dry land
When I read a nice book
When I write a good scene
Your hatred and your words
Echo in an empty void
And lose their luster
Your heart's foulness seeps
To another place, beyond where I am
I have a gentle heart to hold
I have a sweet soul to nurture
This heart and soul have stolen my love
And with this love, this soul has
Redeemed himself of his past
But you
You look here because
You are sad and seek refuge
In my demise
And I write this to remind you
That you mean nothing
I hope
That you understand
Why it is I cannot stay at your side
I hope
That you don't sit and hate
For the sake of hate
Should you whisper about
The shortcomings of others
While ignoring your own
That is why I left, and won't return
That those words spoken with malice
Ring into the void
And mean absolutely nothing
They will build walls of security
Blocking the view of your wretched hearts
But I have seen them
And if I could, and if I am such an
Insignificant being
Do you really think no one else will see?
Cleanse yourself of your hatred
I hope you can do that
You will always mean nothing
And you will be the great composer
Of your own demise
Prove me wrong