Guy Bryant Portland

Guy Bryant - Guy Bryant spent years living in larger metropolitan areas. However, it wasn't until after graduate school that he began researching real estate markets in the Chicago area and piqued his interest in fighting urban sprawl and creating better urban areas. After learning about Portland, Oregon's Urban Growth Boundary, he decided to uproot his family and make Portland the setting for both his professional and personal life. He yearned to find a way to create balance between urban areas and natural areas and decided that Portland would give him the best opportunity to achieve that balance.

Mission Statement for Guy Bryant

The mission of GPB Construction INC is to create sustainability in Portland's urban neighborhoods, a mission that is consistent with Portland's Urban Growth Boundary. It is GPB's commitment to Portland to achieve a balance between the necessary growth or urban areas and the need for unaltered natural areas. Guy Bryant does not believe that natural areas have to be sacrificed for "the greater good" and works hard to find alternative solutions that meet the needs of Portland from both a housing and natural preservation perspective. Guy Paul Bryant Construction INC has pioneered the development of infill sites for single family homes throughout Portland.

GPB Construction INC uses an urban reclamation process to turn vacant commercial sites and unused land into beautiful residential areas. Some of these sites include vacant gas stations, unused power sub stations, abandoned commercial and residential structures and more. He has also worked hard to save and relocate structures of historic significance wherever possible.

GPB Construction Inc's main objective to repurpose infill areas in Portland in and around Portland's more prominent neighborhoods such as Irvington, Alberta, Richmon, Piedmont and more. The goal is to continue the tradition of the "10 minute" lifestyle. Each project undertaken by GBP is custom-tailored to complement the surrounding neighborhood in an effort to integrate the new with the old. It is also designed to ensure that an appropriate population density in maintained. It is Guy's opinion that the best way to achieve this balance is through the construction of single family attached homes.

In addition to maintaining the integrity of the various neighborhoods in which they build as well as helping to push the Portland Urban Growth Boundary initiative, GPB has also recognized as a leader in environmentally sustainable building practices. All of these initiatives drive GBP Construction INC to be a global leader in residential development. It is our goal to provide high quality residences that provide homeowners with value and convenience.