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Red's Journal
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What are the visual components?
Space, line, shape, tone, color
Which of the following are examples of space
All of the above deep flat and limited
Perspective relies on which of the following:
Vanishing point
What is a dolly shot?
What is a tracking shot?
Move parallel to the object
Up and down
How is areal diffusion used to create flat space?
Smoke or fog in the shot is used to obscure object in the background and reveal objects in the foreground
Deep space relies on which principle to create the illusion of depth?
B. perspective
Ambiguous space occurs when the viewer is unable to determine the actual size or spatial relationship of objects in the frame?
Which of the following are correct surface divisions?
D. All of the above
How do surface divisions draw the attention of the audience?
C. Emphasize relationships between objects
What is closed space?
C. Close space is created by lines that surround the screen
In class the example used to define in/out movement was from which movie?
D. Star Wars
In terms of contrast and affinity, deep space has more contrast than deep space?
In terms of line what is a closure?
B. primary points in a scene that create lines AKA implied line
Quality of line refers to what?
B. curve of the line observed
3 basic for 2D shape?
3 basic 3D shapes (cone, cube, pyramid)
How is open space created?
B. By using dynamic movement in a shot
Tone refers to which of the following?
B. Brightness of an object
3 ways to control tone are?
A. reflective, incident, exposure
The additive system uses which primary colors?
The subtractive color primary colors?
Which of the following is not a basic color component?
D. exposure
Which of the following is an example of one hue color scheme?
A. movie where the only prominent color is used is red
Modern video editing software such as Adobe premiere and final cut pro are considered what?
C. non-linear editing software
In this course when we say the screen world we mean what?
B. space where video exists
The audience is attracted to what first?
A. brightness
What is the best way to control color localization?
A. test your props by filming a small scene
Screen world only exists in 2 dimensions?
What is a color script?
A. Color scheme laid out in physical swatches
How many hues make up the visual spectrum?
A. 8 hues
The four kinds of movement are actual, apparent, induced, and relative?
When does apparent movement occur?
B. When one stationary object is replaced by another stationary object and the two objects are perceived to move a single object
Which of the following is an example of induced movement?
B. Watching a video of the clouds move past the full moon.
Simple movements move in which 3 directions?
B. horizontal, vertical, and circular
What is the point of Attention movement?
A. audience eye movement as they watch the film(sing along)
In class we watched which movie?
Grand budapest hotel
What are three components of movement?
A. alternation, repetition, and tempo
What is visual rhythm?
A. rhythm you can see happening
What are the 2 types of rhythm in a moving object?
C. primary (anything that moves)and secondary(person walking and arms swinging)
An object entering and exiting the frame is an example of what?
A. Primary rhythm
Actual movement is when objects move in the real world?
What is secondary rhythm?
A. When an object with primary rhythm has an independent part that creates its own unique rhythm.
What does shooting coverage mean?
A. When an event is broken down and shot in multiple ways
When discussing rhythm what is tempo?
D. rate of alternation and repetition of a rhythm
What does scale refer to in regard to object movement?
C. distance that an object moves on screen
Every object moving on screen creates a track?
Complex movement is a combination of multiple simple movements?
What is essential to rhythm?
All of them(Alternation, repetition, and tempo)
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