"Scandal" star Tony Goldwyn (Fitz) talked to "The Hollywood Reporter" in a Feb. 21 interview about this week's riveting all-new episode that aired Feb. 21 on ABC.

Quite simply, a spy earpiece is a tool - you wouldn't wear a hammer on your belt, would you? Or one of those flashlights on a band that go on your head? Both great tools, but both out of place when they're not being used.

Let's get back to the secret service White House where Bill and Monica were the official drama king and queen. I have been waiting for the right moment to talk about how the impact of "second hand smoke" can cause workplace conflict and set colleagues against each other even though they are side players in the game of office romance.

If you have apprehensions about doing this, it's perfectly understandable. It's not nice to spy on other people. On the other hand, you're merely doing research. If you were about to buy a house, you might want to get on Google and search the history of that house, wouldn't you? And if you were buying a used car, wouldn't you want to get on the Internet or a service like CarFax online to help you determine if that is a good buy for your money? Of course you would. So don't think of this as spy earpiece. It's merely dating re-con.

After the President left, we were escorted back to our gear. Ace continued to make threats about what he would do if his SOG Seal Pup was gone. We arrived at he tent and retrieved our equipment. To Ace's horror, his SOG Seal Pup was gone. Moments later, a smirking secret service guy stepped into the tent with a SOG Seal Pup strapped to his leg. Before the SS fella could open his mouth, Ace had him by the collar and onto the floor. That SS guy never had a chance to let Ace in on his "joke". Ace had retrieved his SOG Seal Pup and was inspecting the blade before the SS guy even recovered from the ground.

Try james bond an avoid keeping the phone on your body. Do not keep in the pocket of your clothing. This might affect your reproductive organs, so keep it away from them. Wear it in a holster; you can clip it on your belt. You can keep the device in your purse or bag.

The Crow's Nest is the 1200 square foot room in the clubhouse cupola which is made available for the amateur players in the Tournament. The room is divided into four cubicles -- three with single beds, and one with a double. There also is a sitting area. The amateurs eat in the clubhouse for the week.

Secrets have a way of destroying what is good, true and beautiful. Next I will talk about how most of these affairs at the office are often about unfinished business from long ago being played out in the here and now. Stay tuned.