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going into battle
this is my battle journal. i will right down all the fights, wins, and anything else i can think of
the first battle(final part)
as i was running twards the commander i was cut off by 2 minotaurs. they both swung at me i ducked but when i did duck they couldn't stop there axes and hit each in the head. now it was a straight shot to him. by the time i got to him he could barley move his sword. i helped take down all the minotaurs around him. suprisingly we were killing these minotaurs easier then i thought. finally after they where all dead. i looked around and saw that a good bit of my men where killed. then i realized that none of the dragons attacked. i yelled for all my men to pull out there bows and run twards the fort. when we got there the fort was on fire and only 100 dragons had been killed. i was suprised yet again because i knew we had good archer's but not that good of ones. but i only had 30 of my 300 archers left. we got there all of us started to fire. some shooting fire arrows other's firing regular arrows. now all we had left were 10 dragons. but the ten that where left were metalic the most powerful. now there where only 10 archers, me and the commander. as i watch the dragons whipe out the rest of my archer's i rememered somthing. it was like i went through time to where my brother was just learning to use magic. then he told me somthing. " i bet you didn't know this brother but if you kill the person that posses something all the stuff that he is possesing will go back to normal." then right as i snapped back to reality i saw a fire ball go past me. then the commander is yelling at me not to stand still to keep moving. then i told him i know how to beat them. i said just distract them. all's i have to do is kill my brother. he looked at me then shook his head and smiled. i took off running twards the raven that was flying in the air. as i was running i had to think of a way to get up there and kill him. the raven was hovering next to tree. so i kew i had to climb up the tree and jump on the raven and kill him. i have finally reached the top of the tree i going to jump right... NOW. I landed on the raven as fast as my feet hit it's back i had my sword out and cut off my brothers head. i made the raven go back down to the ground. when i got back down i started to look for the commander.as i looked i couldn't find him. then i found his armor burt real bad. i ran over and picked up his aror and started ro walk back home when i heard someone yell. you goin to leave here without me?? just then i knew how it was it was the commander. i turned around to look at him he was burnt a little bit but i was just glad that he was alive. then we started our way home.i thought this would be my hardest battle but it would be just the beinging.

god of war and death
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god of war and death
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    this is a really good story. you should continue

    comment friday134 · Community Member · Thu Jan 04, 2007 @ 12:35am
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