Heyo, ladies and gentlemen! Lien here once again! Halloween was a blast! My genderbent Hibiki Kuze cosplay was a success and I'm extremely proud of how it turned out! My day was pretty busy. Took care of quite a few errands in the morning, lunch hour was the decided time to meet up with my friends and at 4pm, off to celebrate my grandmother's birthday! Yup, she was born on Halloween. It was a really awesome day. It's one of my favorite holidays, after all. November's been a bit... Not bad or anything. Just not much going on. No idea what our plans for Thanksgiving will be. Right now, all the focus is on Christmas. I swear, every year, they put our Christmas stuff even earlier. By August, they already had decorations for sale! Thanksgiving doesn't exist anymore, it seems. And on that matter, one of my friends is already asking what I'd like for Christmas. Honestly, I don't know. I'm at a blank as to what I'd like. I know I'd have to ask for clothes from family(I don't even like asking for clothes), but everyone else, no idea. I've been trying to think of stuff, but I got nothing. Oh well, it's still quite some time till then. And with that, I end this entry. Good bye, folks!